Rio Olympics 2016 – The Illuminati, New World Order & Antichrist (Truth Exposed)


In this edition of end of the world videos, we are going to present you the truth about the Rio Olympics 2016 i.e., The Illuminati’s New World Order plan and the …


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11 Responses

  1. Alfredo nm says:

    I unsubscribed because of this nonsense.

  2. Sheebah6th says:

    I think you may have scotoma. because you really see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. while I do look forward to some of your secular news broadcasts , I grow weary of your attempts to speak on anything biblical!!!

  3. Why don't you believe the 2nd coming of The Messiah?

  4. Stoled video from The Truth Is From God channel.

  5. Khris Trid says:

    Jesus is Lord and Savior he was God in the flesh.he died for everyone of us. for our sins.

  6. Khris Trid says:

    OK so at time stamp 14:55. you are saying and I quote. " remember just one thing the whole 2nd coming thing of Jesus is a huge deception of Satan there is no 2nd coming. are you or are you not a believer of Jesus Christ if you are then you should no the 2nd coming is true it says so in the bible. I'm a bit confused as to what your actually trying to teach us all here. maybe your videos aren't something I need to be watching

  7. Khris Trid says:

    then you go on to say. "just have faith in our creator we may be seeing him sooner then we think." or something to that affect. so if you believe in God you must believe in Jesus our Lord and Savior the Son of God
    I am so confused

  8. FuX TarD says:

    dumbest shit ive seen on the internet to date. People who upload videos like this should be dragged off into an empty field and left to starve to death because their minds are obviously already starved of any common sense, it's a mercy killing.

    My honest advice would be to close down your youtube channel, because after this you have lost all credibility and anyone who buys into this utter nonsense needs to be on medication.

    Dumb cunt.

  9. that guy just have no life

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