Rise of the Third World War – Episode 1



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  1. Africa would probably join The west or China… Joining the middle east is the least likely to happen.

  2. Im from Virginia and drinking Moonshine

  3. Im from america and im eating at mcdonalds

  4. ha no way im canadian, smoking weed right now, and playing chess lololol

  5. Joe Black says:

    russia,china,n korea….muslim world…are you kidding,it's a coming….I'm in France drinking red wine!

  6. jrislanders says:

    really a korean invasion? do u forigners have to much free time. in order for a nation to invade u need 2 things and army and a navy. the koreans may have an army but if u try to a nation with a better navy your not going to succed.

  7. jrislanders says:

    @kingfred2012 thats becuase the contries we are invading are doing stupid shit

  8. leon gotal says:

    war done 😀

  9. Привет из Великобритании

  10. Danchik k says:

    People thinking North Korea will destroy everyone. In the last 50 years North Korea didn't attack ANY country. United Stated attacked 36. Who is the danger?

  11. koka kola says:

    Who the Fuck invades a country filled with radiation, their own troops would die…

  12. Nairod says:

    us is already in control of most of the world korea isnt draw ur conclusions who will try to take over using force

  13. Mike Mason says:

    Thats not a "goose step" dammit! more like a "gook step". HAHAHAHAHLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  14. RAG4E says:

    The story is totaly unrealistic.

    North Korea is attempting to get nuclear weapons to secure themselfs, because they saw that nuclear rockets are the only guarantee that NATO wouldn't attack them.
    North will not use nuclear weapons unless they have no other options left, i am sure of that.

    China won't brake an alliance with N. Korea. They might dissagree witht hem at some points, but they won't brake the alliance unless N. Korea decides to attack them. And N. Korea is not stupid to do so.

  15. Bulling Americans doesn't t solve nothing [STOP] before you fools start ww3 

  16. The new powerful axis Russia, North Korea, Iran, China.

  17. Liam S says:

    NK wouldn't become THAT powerful, but China would break off the alliance due to the threat of war. (NK missiles can only hit SK and Japan)

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