Ronda Rousey has a lot of sex


The first female fighter of the UFC is making news as if it was his job . ROUSEY appeared on the show of Jim Rome and discussed the theme of preparation , …


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  1. 6hilltop6 says:

    she still a female that deals off emotion…I'd dominate her in bed

  2. Fucking or fighting,…that was my modo,….you are definitely more angry,if you don't get laid,..should of waited,..

  3. John Gilbert says:

    she's nasty…I wouldn't hit that

  4. they only thing Ronda said that was ever great….the issue about the k. Kardashian!!!

  5. This video is so old wtf is it showing up in Google now? I want everyone in this video and everyone in this comments section except for me, to die now for this inconvenience.

  6. tony perez says:

    The difference is that men fuck women, women don't fuck men.. Men are pumping their thighs .. the girls just lay in bed like always..  No work until they swallow my shit..

  7. even playing varcity ball sex was always encouraged

  8. trapp313 says:

    she got knocked the fuck out

  9. famous athletes have tons of sex? no waayyyyy 😀

    also 6 weeks? its not like your body is taking a week to recover from sex, what kinda sex are you having to damage your muscles that much that you need more than a week to recover?

  10. BENCHIPED says:

    Rousey has lots of sex. With married men that is.

  11. 2:25 Why the F not, you little PC runt! He thinks it so he can sure as hell say it. Chicks fighting make asses of themselves like Rousey just did. No way is women's MMA as tough as men's.
    TYT asshole.

  12. ROOT S says:

    And she says Kardashians aren't role models….. I guest being a whore is!

  13. ChuckVT says:

    Less sex and more training might have helped her the other night….

  14. Cherry Gogol says:

    I thumbed this video down because of stupid, vile, mindless garbage talk. If they would eliminate this retarded mother f… demented imbecile words i would give them a great thumbs up.

  15. "There's nothing like a good fight to get you in the mood for fucking. And nothing like a good fucking to get you in the mood for fighting" – Bronn

  16. Tappa Tappa says:

    Ronda Rousey is a fad and she is trash !

  17. t a says:

    can this heeb recite a sentence w/out an expletive?

  18. She like to sleep in the ring 2 .

  19. Flacid Jack says:

    I bet she thinks spunk is like a legal steroid.


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