Rothschild Zionism, World War 3 & The New World Order – David Icke


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  1. dogstar167 says:

    they set muslim against christian the two biggest groups on earth. Great plan when you think about it, the goal was to depopulate the elite just figured fuck it let them depopulate themselves

  2. MrGmoneygp says:

    Jesuits are the true puppet masters ?

  3. before this video plays there is an advert for the movie the last avatar in the trailer there is alot of illuminati symbolism. I'm also noticing on Facebook add friend suggestions from people who are on my contact list from other social media apps. I get the feeling we are being monitored more than ever.

  4. Rothchild wasnt a jew u ignorant morons

  5. idan mashta says:

    We here in Israel don't give a flying F*** about what everyone thinks. mind you own fucking business. Zion=Jerusalem. in the bible this word is written over 1000 times in Kuran Zero times. why do you think that we will give up our land that we had for over 2000 years?! keep type and type nonsense all of you radical Islam supporters we will do what we know to keep our land and you can do nothing about it 🙂 so have a good day ya all

  6. Αntonis B. says:

    God bless you David, peace and love to all don't be afraid, say your opinion, always keep an open mind, stay humane.

  7. Walt Fechter says:

    The CIA, NATO, The Federal Reserve, and The UN have caused division and poverty for decades.

  8. Jesse Crilly says:

    Absolutely propahhh

  9. David is an armchair critic, he ignores the important facts about the Muslim world. He bites the hand that feeds him, he ought to go and live in a Muslim country for a week. He would come back and kiss the arses of the Rothschild's and Zionists. David is a stooge for the Zionists and Rothschild's.

  10. Gaddafi was taken out the very moment he proved to be capable to confront the petrodollar-system. Samle like Saddam Hussein. Syria is different, it is about gas-pipelines and oil, sure, but above all that, Syria is the backbone of the resistance in the Middle East.

  11. Why do you use pictures of the heroic soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army, fighting the western mercenaries? WE ARE SYRIA, not the satanic empire of evil labelled "USA".

  12. Lee 303 says:

    We can point fingers at races or religions but that is just playing into their hands & it's all a huge cop out. They are just bad human beings. They shouldn't make excuses of religion or racism / race to get their own way. They shouldn't use the holocaust as an excuse to go & ethnically cleanse other races & religions. They should not proclaim THEIR holocaust was the worst either; what the Japanese did to the Chinese & others was far worse (imo).

  13. Sal Monella says:

    Love the Iran & USA war stats since WW2. That alone, should raise eyebrows. Welfare/warfare is what American taxes fund & debt/inflation is what USA exports ???

  14. At the end of the day if nobody turns up to fight they'll be no war. Simple. Protest the barracks and tell everyone you know, DO NOT join the military.

  15. Are you informing or entertaining? Enough with the droning music and repetitive sound bytes. Wasting time with lcdbs after a few minutes so you can make a buck?

  16. halburd1 says:

    BOO HOO poor fking muslim murder cult scum. FUCK YOU ICK! –
    Egypt:Muslim mob attacks Christians, parade naked woman An armed Muslim mob
    stripped an elderly Christian woman and paraded her naked on the streets in an
    attack last week in which seven Christian homes were also looted and torched in
    a province south of the Egyptian capital.
    A convicted MUSLIM paedophile is on
    the run after bolting from court while the jury deliberated over his guilt. Tariq Javed, 37, (above) was on
    trial for eight counts of sexual activity with a child under 13.meanwhile =  Men and teenage boys( = non muslims that did
    no wrong) will be banned from using the waterslides at certain times when only
    women, girls and very young boys will be allowed access. (causing segregation just
    like they like back in muslim pedophile lands) police had arrested two MUSLIMS from
    Afghanistan for a sex attack on two girls on the slides at the Arriba waterpark
    and swimming pool in Norderstedt, in northern Germany.The girls aged 14 and 18
    can you spot the muslim? = TORONTO – A Toronto cabbie was
    sentenced Friday to four years in prison for his “instant of unbridled road
    rage” that killed a skateboarder.Judge Robert Clark said Adib Ibrahim “snuffed
    out the life of Ralph Bissonnette” when he “lost his temper over an annoyance
    and nothing more” and ran him over on May 14, 2012.   4 years for murder?Muslim  kills Israeli girl, 13, sleeping in her bedroom
    A Muslim youth sneaked into a fortified Jewish settlement in the West Bank on
    Thursday, broke into a home and stabbed girl 13 to death

  17. o yes where have you been ? mr david ? all the problems of the world solved by an old Pedophile that dont even know how to dress himself , one more piece of shit from a guy that never spend a day in israel i'm sure that people that smoke weed think you're "really cool " but i am an ex idf guy and i think you're an idiot , luckily for me i don't need to make an argument anymore , the world see all the rape and damage muslims do in their countries , you never see israel invading anywhere , you just see what the muslims feed the dumb media , and people like david are afraid to deal with the muslims , so they go back to the old plan "blame the jews" btw , the only people in israel that make False accusations about the government are the right wing "Ashkenazi" people !
    that lost the election!! sounds familiar? lol
    the 3 generation to the holocaust same people that helpt the Nazis because they were afraid! and yes .. we hate them more

  18. Bruce Wayne says:

    The Zionist an Europe's elite, rh negative serpent bloodlines are the seeds of the Nephilim, all their texts are from fallen angels, the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden was Eve's womb which was defiled by Lucifer when he raped her. The curse placed on Cain and his bloodline meant they couldn't get land to produce, so they became cannibals practising cannibalism , Cain Baalism, its right in the name. Science has shown blood transfusions from children to heal damaged cells and slow ageing, they knew this since times of old, blood libel is proof. Google British Royalty and cannibalism, its on record Europe's Elite have always drank blood and eaten flesh, called medicinal cannibalism but they never stopped. Cain killed Abel because he was a psychopath, that's why they only breed with certain bloodlines, to keep that psychopath no empathy gene, its all in Enoch and other texts. There's no doubt they are Cain's seed, pure evil. The Holy grail is programmable matter, have everything they need to bring their father Lucifer , son of perdition to this world, now their depopulation scheme is o. Where are all the good people gone, this is a fight for our very souls.

  19. Proxytwitt says:

    Love this video. Everything that is wrong in a nutshell.

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