Royals Arrive At Buckingham Palace For The Queens Annual Christmas Family Lunch 2016


Hello and welcome to another one of my videos. In this video we look at the arrival of members of the British Royal Family at Buckingham Palace as they attend …


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  1. Loretta Hurd says:

    If this video has anything to do with what is to come, your viewers are going to have a Royal Christmas. This video totally rocks because you included other members of the family. I didn't even consider Princess Alexandra, who was the granddaughter of a King, and here she is with her son. Great Christmas present for Royal Watchers.
    Thanks Elliot and hope to see you Christmas Eve for the Live [email protected]10:00 pm (GMT); 2:00p.m (PST).

  2. Joanne Lowe says:

    I love your royal channel, it's respectful of the Royal family, so many are not. And you give us as much info as is out there. Thank you for creating a channel on the Royal family that is so classy–I appreciate that. I lived in the UK for a year back in the mid-80's, when hype was so high about HRH Diana, Princess of Wales (86-87–right after the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of York…), and I simply have always been so very interested in the Royal family. Thank you for providing an alternative for those of us who are interested in the Royal family other than tabloid fodder and info that is received by means that intrude on the Royal family's privacy which should be protected. I pray that Prince William, his wife, Duchess of Cambridge and their two adorable children (who happen to have the first names of my parents 🙂 ) many years of time to enjoy family life and more privacy before the Duke of Cambridge someday becomes King.

    Have a very blessed and wonderful Christmas, I look forward to all that you bring to share with us regarding the Royal family in the coming year and beyond. Praying as well that 2017 is a wonderful year for the Royal family and for you and your family and dear ones. Thanks again for all you bring to us in this YouTube channel.

  3. Gosh I would love to have a Xmas lunch with them all xxx great video 

  4. The electricity and excitement are palpable. Merry Christmas to the Royal Reviewer.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful photos! It makes me happy to know they got the Christmas Holiday off to a good start! Everyone looked so happy & festive!

  6. ndoris says:

    wow, this is a big royal family gathering! but Prince William's nerdy dad glasses always make me laugh, they are cute :p

  7. I bet that will be a nice lunch.

  8. Thank you so much! I love seeing the royals, and its fun to see the extended famly.Its so nice that you label each photo. Looking forward to your next post!

  9. Did you know that Christmas is of pagan origin? It was even illegal to celebrate it in England and the USA in the 16th & 17th Centuries. It's really the Roman festival of Saturnalia "festival of the unconquered sun" Do you see how the Devil has craftily got people to worship the "sun" while thinking they are honouring "the son"?

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