Rubio: “We Need To Prepare People” For War With Iran


Paul Joseph Watson

Vice-Presidential frontrunner Marco Rubio told the elitist Council on Foreign Relations during an event last week that the American people should be prepared for a war with Iran.

Rubio was asked by moderator Richard Stengel, “You would sanction a strike before you would tolerate a nuclear Iran?”

“Yes and I think that we need to begin to prepare people for that,” the Florida Senator responded.

This is by no means the first time Rubio has publicly displayed his appetite to commit the United States to another unaffordable war.


During a Brookings Institution speech at the end of April, Rubio not only called for attacking Iran, but also advocated a military assault on Syria.

Speaking of Iran, Rubio stated, “We should also be preparing our allies, and the world, for the reality that unfortunately, if all else fails, preventing a nuclear Iran may, tragically, require a military solution.”

He also said that Syria should become a target for “American leadership,” in the context of ignoring UN mandates and sending in American troops to directly help rebel fighters who, as we have documented, are being directed by Al-Qaeda terrorists.

“You need the center of gravity to instigate this coalition (supporting opposition groups in Syria) and move forward with a defined plan,” said Rubio. “In the absence of American power and American influence and American leadership, it’s hard to do that.”

Rubio’s rhetoric went down well with the Brookings Institution, an establishment think tank that openly admits in its own memos that the “responsibility to protect” humanitarian ruse is merely a crude pretext for long-planned regime change in Syria.

Rubio is currently joint favorite to become Mitt Romney’s running mate alongside junior United States Senator from Ohio Rob Portman.

The Florida Senator has been busy displaying his “foreign policy chops,” or in other words indicating that he will be a loyal servant of the military-industrial complex, during a series of recent speaking engagements at internationalist confabs.

Back in April, veteran Washington Post columnist Al Kamen suggested that Rubio is a favorite of the ultra-powerful Bilderberg Group, the collection of power brokers who have directly selected VP candidates in the last two U.S. presidential elections.

Given the fact that pro-NATO Syrian National Transitional Council head Bassma Kodmani was in attendance at this year’s Bilderberg confab in Chantilly Virginia, the goal of toppling Bashar Al-Assad remains a front burner issue for the global elite.

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6 Responses

  1. MajWillaimMartin says:

    What? Did Iran attack the United States? I didn’t see that in the news.
    Mean while, Israel who is NOT a member of the IAEA freely assassinates all they please, boards ships in International Waters and Murders its passengers, Barters or trades? 69 U.S. Patriot Missiles found on a Cargo ship in Finland in crates marked as “Fireworks”. Then we have the NSA and MI-6 tracking a Nuke loaded onto a German Dolphin Class Submarine which a short time later Israel announces the Delivery of a Dolphin Class Submarine. Which as I type this they are now Arming these Purchased Sub’s from Germany with Nuclear Warheads.
    Yet not one check on Israel’s WMD Program since Kennedy was alive, Why? Then we have Netenyahu and his constant lie that he says Iran wants to “Wipe them off the Map”. But all who have checked this alleged statement disagree with Netenyahu’s translation. Ahmadinejad referred to the Zionist’s Regime that should be erased from the pages of time. After all, How does one wipe a country off a map?
    Source: [ ]
    Iran, Who is a member of the IAEA has the 100% right to Legally enrich Uranium to what ever they want. Perhaps more people should watch Ret. General Wesley Clarks video on YouTube about the U.S. taking out 7 Countries in 5 years and behind all this is the Project for a New America (Total Military Domination).
    It used to be Countries only went to war when someone attacked them (Like Our U.S. Constitution defines) But first it was Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemem, Somalia, Syria? Iran? Watch Clark’s video and you’ll get the drift.

    A Cop chases a Robber into a Mall, The Cop fires at the Robber and kills 17 Customers and the Robber too. The Cop is hailed as a Hero because he killed the Robber. But the families of those killed by the Cop don’t think the Cop is a hero. They want Revenge and vow to get revenge on Him and the Police Department.

    This same (EXAMPLE) is what Obama is doing with his Kill List and taking control of all Drone Strikes in various countries. Who used to be Collateral Damage (Customers) are now called Militant’s (Robbers Accessories) who he fled to. Although no PROOF is ever brought forward to show Robber X was tied to Terrorism, Just Blow him and any with him off the map with a Drone Strike.

    Their Family Members of these [Alleged Militants] (customers) vow vengeance on the United States for the killings of their Loved ones. Thus creating MORE (Real Terrorist) that will have a real agenda that will last for years as the loss of a murdered love one is hard to forget.

  2. Ashraf Siddiqui says:

    What do you call that group of few people in a society who keeps creating disturbances in our society and keep looking for an event to destroy and damage – It is called Extremists group in USA. From first Atomic attack on Japan till today – just see who is that ONE only in human history trying to impose its rule in any corner of the world specially The Muslims World – perhaps some religious believes pushing them

    Just give a break to US people & the world

  3. scott says:

    an insational appetite for power,when will it end? Should I start learning chinese or russian? I really hoped people would wisen up to the political BS. it will all end in blood. It’s really quite sad that cowards now have control of everything. In order for evil to prevail, all it takes is for good people to do nothing.

  4. mohsen samii says:

    I am afraid that these US war mongers will eventually go to war with Iran and Iran is waiting for them. These little politicians due to their personal interests and devoid of all sense will bring down the US as Iran will seek a military solution in which the United States might Evan have to surrender. Cant they see as to what is happening inside their country – that the American dream is turning into a nightmare – the millions of jobless- mounting debits- food stamps etc.etc..

    • MajWillaimMartin says:

      I wish WE THE PEOPLE could communicate with those in Iran and let them know it is not US that is behind these Wars. But I suppose if we tried to send a Petition to Iran we would all be labeled as Domestic Terrorist’s for wanting Peace.

      Imagine the unmitigated GULL of a man who says they should prepare US for war with Iran. Like all the accounts of Terrorism in the USA, You can always read where the FBI Handler gave them a Bomb after getting them past all Security.

      There is so much State Sponsored Terrorism in the World, Just find the Headlines like, US and Al Qaeda agree on Syria, or US thinks it can use Al Qaeda in Syria Temporary. Or Al Qaeda bused to Syria to meet up with US Special Forces, US Soldier dumped from Facebook for saying he was being deployed to Syria in US Special Forces. Or.. US Arms destined for Al Qaeda in Syria seized in Lebanon.

      It is ALL State Sponsored Terrorism. And WE.. Pay the Price with Gestapo SS TSA at Air Ports, Road Blocks, FBI/NSA monitoring all Internet Social Networks and Emails and Blogs. We have become Prisoners in our Own Country.

      Ron Paul was right, Sadly within 4 Years it will have been too late to stop what should have been. But hey, Gay’s can legally get married so things are looking good now Right?

  5. Bill Ford says:

    Send this guy back to Cuba. Why not declare war on India, Red China and Russia at teh same time? Good for busienss to do so.

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