Ruff Ryders – World War III


World War III World – World War III Check out my page for more of the latest hip hop and rap …


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  1. Im against this kind of stuff but gee its catchy as hell, and its bad I remember most of the lyrics….gotta stop listening to gangster rap lol.

  2. Sacad Abdi says:

    What the fuck happened to Young One ? that kid had talent… 

  3. Mikey Hinson says:

    I swore when this came Yung One was gonna blow….guess that ain't happen 

  4. Yo I can remember listening to this killer jam in my 1989 Caprice Classic with 2 12 inch subs in the back 500 watt amp and a nice tape deck back in 2000 mind you I was a senior in high school this s*** was fire

  5. sam green says:

    Who verse the hardest they all went tho but young 1 killed it

  6. KISS…enough said

  7. who was holding Mid West back then ? Bone Thugs ? who was the king of the Mid West?

  8. NWO says:

    There used to be a crazy video for this too bad i can't find it

  9. dre taylor says:

    if you fuccin with the kiss you aint gone breath only time I licc in the air is new years eve

  10. Young won was ill..verse goes hard!!!

  11. James Haburn says:

    How can you dislike this?

  12. Julian Clay says:

    Jada Kiss killed this track

  13. Jada killed this shit

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