“Rufus Wainwright” – World War III


” Rufus Wainwright ” – World War III parts of Secrets of the Pop Song broadcast on BBC Two – July 2, 2011 .


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  1. clairezee14 says:

    Lovely, Rufus…would expect nothing less from you …good writing duo, lovely melody.

  2. Anna Ten says:

    amazing song just wow!!

  3. Alex Vann says:

    genius + genius = great

  4. Play ASong says:

    I agree. This is one brilliant masterpiece…

  5. ThomaMat50 says:

    Wish this could be released so I don't have to come here every time I want to listen to it!

  6. manus21 says:

    I wonder if we'll ever hear the full studio version…

  7. PJ says:

    It will be on the new album right?

  8. connexion says:

    I love everything Rufus has ever written but I don't think this works at all, especially the chorus ironically. I think he's uncomfortable signing it too.

  9. tolemy01 says:

    The Plugger had a point, I think. They must be holding the studio release of this song back for the Olympics.

  10. manus21 says:

    according to the official tracklist, it won't be on the album 🙁 but maybe there will be some bonus tracks…

  11. Sam Milletti says:

    Check iTunes. You can hear a preview on it from his new album "Out Of The Game".

  12. brilliant song, but totally agree with Guy, that opening chorus line… ouch.

  13. Tripicality says:

    Anyone think he looks a bit like The Sassy Gay Friend? :3

  14. 1111aitken says:

    Cant find this version on the album or anywhere, I think Rufus hated this from scratch and having a piano cover as an extra track proves it, any other pop star would have that as the main single with the version you can hear after the 1st chorus on this video,
    does anyone have that version without this comments on top, thank you
    amazing song, lyrics dont really care if the melody is quite enough, which it is 🙂

  15. TheCrazydoo says:

    this song makes me want to write more music..

    been in a depression for a while now, and hearing this song for the first time has re inspired me.

  16. S enderbug says:

    Looked at the programme that this was on in my music lesson. Really glad I could find this song;all I saw was the way to the actual song. I <3 THIS SONG!

  17. Luka Music says:

    such an amazing song, show can we get a studio recording of it?

  18. Joe Byrne says:

    I will be honest-I do not know this guys work at all..but I saw this at a friends house on TV and thought it was absolute class…Amazing voice,,haunting tune and piano piece,and personally i like the lyrics (though i know some do not from viewing comments). I read a comment that Rufus actually hated the song..but did he did not do it to prove his talent, attract new fans and also build profile?well it worked with m..e cos i will deffo check out more of his work because of this song

  19. TreijaMusic says:

    don't bore us, get to the chorus? …not a great line…

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