Runway 7 Action At Denver



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  1. Fsx767 says:

    @thefsxflyer yeah, just one of many problems at KDEN πŸ˜›

  2. Fsx767 says:

    @RickMakesGoodVideos thanks!

  3. Fsx767 says:

    @JetlinerXPilotXFSX read you loud and clear "momma bear."

  4. Fsx767 says:

    @fsx767 it's another part of our disguise XD

  5. Canuck says:

    nice job, but couldn't you go across the street?

  6. Fsx767 says:

    @AirbusA330Pilot I would like to, but security personel would come and ask what I'm doing πŸ˜›

  7. Fsx767 says:

    @dondycluck – That's a DHL Cargo

  8. Fsx767 says:

    @dondycluck it's probably one of those cargo airlines that will share the paint scheme with another cargo airline. For example, the TuiFly colors that are painted on other european airlines.

  9. Fsx767 says:

    @dondycluck No problem! It's weird how airlines are doing that, maybe they can't afford to pay for their own paint because of the economy ? lol

  10. Fsx767 says:

    @dondycluck lol:)

  11. Canuck says:

    @fsx767 oh πŸ˜€ isn't there a fence?

  12. Fsx767 says:

    @AirbusA330Pilot – yeah lol, it wouldn't make a lot of difference because of that hill that messed up the view of the landing.

  13. Canuck says:

    @fsx767 hmm. πŸ˜€

  14. Fsx767 says:

    @AirbusA330Pilot – I wish there weren't those type of problems at KDEN, you're not allowed to spot anywhere accept for the Conoco gas station.

  15. Canuck says:

    @fsx767 they should move Denver to the coast so that it's like St. Maarten, that would be a better place for undisturbed spotting πŸ˜€

  16. Fsx767 says:

    @AirbusA330Pilot lolol

  17. Fsx767 says:

    @Airforceproud95 haha! Nothing like FLL though lol

  18. DYLAV8R says:

    @fsx767 Got nothing on LGA xD

  19. Fsx767 says:

    @DYLAV8R – Or Philly, or Los Angeles, or Boston, or Baltimore, or San Francisco, or Newark, or JFK, or Oakland, or San Jose, or Phoenix, or Chicago O'Hare, or Chicago Midway, or Detroit, or Minneapolis, or Milwaukee, or Cleveland, or Columbus, or Cinci, or Miami, or Orlando, or Atlanta, or San Diego, or Seattle, or Portland, or Dallas, or Houston, or Albuquerque, or Vegas, or Providence, or …………………….. The list goes on…..

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