RUSH (Documentary) – How Jim Morrison Became Rush Limbaugh (Part 1)

For years people have been asking the question if Jim Morrison Faked his death. This documentary proves without a shadow of a doubt, that Jim Morrison indeed faked his death & became Rush Limbaugh. – Political Activist and Film Maker Felix Pantaleon Follow Felix Pantaleon on Social Media



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  1. Kris Patten says:

    Anyone ever hear Rush Limbaugh sing? Voice analysis would go a loooong way to clear this up.

  2. CRASHMAGNET says:

    Jim Morrison's neck was thick and long, you can google images of Rush when He was young and looks nothing like Jim and you can tell its Rush, you got to be able to admitt when your wrong.

  3. Nick 1989 says:

    damn I had no idea this operation ran so deep, the cia is running a multi generational disinfo campaign.

  4. Joseph Gelb says:

    What's the song 258

  5. Jim Morrison and Rush were both huge influences on me musically and my rock n roll band

  6. I am an alien from the planet Fullofshit.

  7. Come on! Really? People. Yall are too stupid if you believe this shit.

  8. sentforth5 says:

    Dang I thought he went on to be Chevy Chase! Thanks for this vid!


  10. Michael H. says:

    You have the background track way too loud! Had a hard time hearing what was being said in a lot of places.

  11. Tiefling666 says:

    Roadhouse Blues was prophecy

  12. Hey Bro–your work is very good. However, when you have the background music up so loud it's nearly impossible to make out what the person is saying. You cannot hear the words when the music is as loud as you have it. Other than that your work is EXCELLENT..Thank you for your work !!!

  13. glad to have found your stuff again.

  14. The idea that JDM is Rush Limbaugh could only be considered possible by the deaf. This is clearly an attempt by God knows who to marginalize and obfuscate history. I don't always agree with Alex Jones, but this is laughable. I do agree Jones is being groomed and is controlled opposition.

  15. Jo Ko says:

    So, who did Elvis become?

  16. 8:45 The ship was BonHomRichard an aircraft carrier,my Farther was a Navy Corman on that ship with a few good stories he liked to tell and they never seemed end but always had a twist of fate sort of.

  17. cliberg says:

    Is Bill Hicks trying to out-asshole Alex Jones?

  18. interesting but what about his brother David Limbaugh who is he

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