Russia And North Korea will destroy USA in World War 3


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20 Responses

  1. imran khan says:

    usa is fking around in the world so some day some one will fix usa for good

  2. Fun Fact says:

    Shit I got clickbaited.

  3. bioharzd 11 says:

    USA and Russia are good friends.this is bullshit

  4. oh yes. americans are complaining about their ships being "harassed" by the russians. what the fuck are you doing in the baltic and black sea? russians as far as i know are at home there. stay home and nobody will bother you. fuck cnn and fuck all this retarded and manipulative jew media.

  5. Juan SAMUDIO says:

    someone call batman

  6. KTM LC4 says:

    Clinton News Network

  7. Lol CNN the biggest propaganda network there is.. USA won't know what to trust anymore,I mean all the brainwashing for years and years and finally some of you are opening your eyes, but don't trust me I'm English

  8. daedra gamer says:

    i hate this fat fuck

  9. Rainix says:

    this is bullshit putin wans to team with usa and btw guys always look at ads if this was real why have so many ads? so they get money!

  10. DIY Archives says:

    American military tech is the most advanced on the planet deal with it foreigners

  11. John Conner says:

    this is old news from years ago. now that trump is president elect Russia wants to rebuild it relationship with the US.

  12. Elite Saber says:

    Can china not be in it again

  13. THE CREATOR says:


  14. Blah blah blah, what a bunch of nonsense.

  15. What is the point of this story? USA has troops that are virtually ready to strike any country in the world, not to mention the nukes. North Korea has a defense/deterrent strategy, so what. Nuclear war is such an end game card to play.

  16. nah niggaaaaaaaa they dont stand a chance i got my spring scar l airsoft gun and my spring 1911 airsoft gun and sum ammo LETS FUCKIN GO OHH OHH UR SCARED fuckin pussy

  17. crazy k says:

    lol russia will destroy north korea

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