Russia and the Neocon March to World War 3 with Paul Craig Roberts


The Neocon march to World War III with Russia is explored with retired Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts . As George W. Bush and Dick …


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  1. Jason Bourne says:

    excellent interview thanks Sean, what amazes me is millions know the "neocons" n washingtons mindset and strategy and the major risks they are playing that may lead to global destruction…yet they are still allowed to remain in power …and there is so few of them..gezzzzz ……..what does it take to sort it out……….before its too late…..

  2. annastesia67 says:

    of course there will be a 3rd world war! This is how the antichrist & false prophet will be revealed! The Bible states that for the great tribilation to begin there will be ! world govt,1 world religion ,1 world currency.The antichrist will begin as a man of peace he will bring an end to the war,make a 7 year treaty with Israel(allow them to build the 3rd Temple and cause all mankind to take the mark 666-w/o the mark you will not be able to buy or sell at the 3 1/2 yr mark he will halt the sacrifices and begin to persecute those who will not take the mark,the jews,christians -i wont say muslims because i think the antichrist will be a muslim! At the end of the 7 yrs Jesus will come back to destroy the armies surrounding Jerusalem where He will reign for a thousand years!

  3. USA, excepional, yes, absolutely. exceptionaly good at killing, lieing, cheating and stealing!

  4. USA has over 1000 bases throughout the world! Many surrounding China, Russia, Iran and N. Korea etc. The aggressor is USA. There is no doubt about this.

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