Russia China Alliance to crash US dollar..? World War 3


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  1. Or the US can change their foreign policy and avoid complete annihilation.

  2. fuck america and the dumb fucks that live in it 

  3. It is written. US will want to help israel. But will not be able to. The dollar will be worth nothing and china will call in their debt or even increase the rate of interest. Which will have the US on it kneels. Fact 

  4. Bob Archer says:

    Shawn, you are apparently one of the most assertive Cthulhu fanatic.  Invent new upgraded version of politics of fear, or you end up making yourself THE laughing stock of the millennium. 

  5. Who cares. we'll print up chinese and russian money.

  6. THE DOLLAR dumping the CORRUPT DOLLARQ Gooo BRICS Nations. The world is waking up to this corrupt nation /NQO.  The rest of the world is returning to a Gold back currency. The US is in Trillions of debt and can't recover so get prepared America.

  7. This is to regard Gwendolyn Kelly Boyer message you are absolutely righy it was prophesied that Isreal would be destroyed by Russia this would allow the Palestinian people to get by their land i'm not the one saying this this is from GOD that's what in the bible i never goes against the bible because it always right, and he also said after Russia destroy Israel he would then destroy Russia because they are Atheist.

  8. I honestly believe once the dollar collapse it's on its going to be a full fledged war break out i already foresee it already the tension is already there Russia flexing it's musical also China those are two power house had it be two week Country America would have been stared the war.

  9. johnlocke445 says:

    Russia and China didn't put us in this exposed position. It was our own criminal government. Our enemy is not Russia and China. It is Washington, DC.

  10. Hey there. I liked the idea you are talking about. But the problem is that you are an american. You percieve America as a poor victim. And this is a lie. America does everything to destroy countries to its own profit. America has been doing it succesfully for many many years. It's making all the countries in the world to obey America's rules. And when someone says no, your media says something like "Oh, look. Here is a bad guy. He wants war. Lets bomb him so he wouldn't reach us". And you say "Yes. You're right my beloved government. America is the best country in the world. Lets bomb our enemy as soon as possible". But see this. We are not stupid. You've been told that Russia invaded Ukraine, Russia invaded Crimea. Lies, lies. Lies everywhere. But what for? To say that Putin is a bad guy. To print another newspaper or journal with horrible caricature on Putin. A good way to prepare you to their new decision. Let's bomb Russia. "Russia wants war" is one of the most popular google search. And you know what? I feel sorry for american people. You're happy to eat lies. And when it comes to another opinion like "Russia Today" – which is not really enough to open the real truth as we know it – you say that THIS IS PROPOGANDA. WTF? Your government has increased financial support for anti-russian propoganda. Get ready my dear friends for another fairy tale about how bad Russia and China are and how you strongly need to fight against them. You've done great to destroy our rouble and to crush oil prices. But it can't last forever. We are not going to be US slaves. No more.

  11. Vladimir Putin is the anti-Christ I think
    The beast composed of the Bear (Russia), the Lion (Iran), the Dragon (China), and the Leopard (North Korea).
    Vladimir Putin has redistricted his country into 7. "7 horns and 7 heads"
    Vladimir Putin was born in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) "Beast rising out of the Sea."
    Nostradamus said that the 3rd Great anti-Christ will come into power unexpectedly in 1999. Vladimir Putin came into power that year.
    All 3 Great anti-Christs will/have rule Major European Powers.
    1st Anti-Christ has been "confirmed" as being Napoleon Bonaparte (ruled over France)
    2nd Anti-Christ has been "confirmed" as being Adolf Hitler (ruled over Germany)
    3rd & final (as well as the worst) ?Vladimir Putin? (ruling over Russia)
    21st century is Dawn of the Age of Aquarius as well as the time of "Revelations"…Revealing. The Gnostic gospels, the sex scandals in the Catholic and Mormon Churches, Da Vinci Code, Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Just an intriguing thought. Always good to keep an open-mind, but I guess not so much that your brains start falling out…wherever that boundary is crossed I don't know… Just giving my educational guess/opinion on here for people to see

  12. Russia has to suck up to China for Help. This is old news. The dollar is strong today. You have to do what needed to make do in Russia.
    If this happens the Shawn show will be over.
    If they dump US dollars. Your Chinese money will be worthless. China's money is tied to the US dollar for better or worse.
    If you invest in a company and the company goes down the tubes. Where's your money going china.

  13. Duong Phan says:

    I dont think ww3 is gonna happen why three big country like usa and china and russia they want fighting for , what the point 

  14. Kilika 1776 says:

    Russia and China don't need a war. They are allying themselves for defense against Nato in case the US forces a war upon them. The question is, will America push a nuclear war, or a take the back seat. I believe we will push for war, even if its nuclear.

  15. AsiA I says:

    America is going to lose very badlY cant waiT'''''''''''

  16. The clock for the Dollar as world-reserve currency is ticking … and maybe it's still 5 to 12! Prepare for the Euro as new world-reserve curreny!



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