Russia gears up for World War 3


New equipment is a priority . There is also a desperate need for reforms in organization , recruitment , training , compensation and military doctrine . The government has promised …


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  1. Abd Manaf says:

    USA world police..!!!!always act likes a hero..lmao!

  2. Tr4newreck says:

    logistics – poor

    technology – poor(plenty of ingenuity, russians are supremely more efficient with their $ than the US)

    bang for buck that is…

    a good amount of manpower, but once again, what are they going to use, cold war tech?

    the few advanced planes (ie. sukhoi pak-fa) are designed to dogfight…

     in other words, get shot down miles away by an unseen opponent, because…REALLY!? who dog fights anymore.

    it boggles the mind when ruskies and/or anti-american goofs from around the world tout china's or russias military as being better than america's

    without realizing how much money america spends, how many international bases it owns, and most importantly its massive technological industry…

    JPL, pratt & whitney, GE, honeywell, UT, L3 Comm., Raytheon, General Dynamics, northrop gruman, lockheed……just to name a few…some of these company's make toasters and fans… that's how old and well known they are…

    BAE(British Military Corporation) systems partnered with america to make god damn railguns for the navy, and people want to talk smack about america producing shit tech…

     lol the ungodly amounts of money going into their military industrial complex just makes people look retarded and the whole conversation, laughable.

    and the winners are…america…

    the losers… its people… who live in disproportionate poverty considering its a 1st world nation…that's probably more laughable… billions for war, none for minimum wage raise.

    whats that… your working 2 jobs and still cant make the rent?… you MUST be lazy, according to "the right"….

  3. Rene Maaghop says:

    huhuh! they are the coward nation of the world!

  4. Rene Maaghop says:

    RUSSIAN the most coward nation of the world! they know they cant win the war veterans! never ever will! what they do is pushing the rebel to make rebillions in ther on country! like Syrian rebel!, Russian separatist in Ukriane!, al quada and many more!

  5. Rene Maaghop says:

    they just brat coward!

  6. Rene Maaghop says:

    The war veterans just watching them!

  7. Rene Maaghop says:

    one false move and they will turn to ashes!

  8. Jason Taylor says:

    Russia is a 2nd world country with nuclear weapons. But Putin should not even worry about military weapons until he has his economic issues addressed. He has no real enemy threat. He does not now and, never has feared NATO while he was in office. He only fears that democracy will spread to Russia and plant it seeds. Why does he need more weapons? To fight whom? For another neighborly invasion?

  9. moist faucet says:

    shit, I am going to be living in Metro 2033, WTF……

  10. Money can buy you quantity, but it does not buy quality. Mind you now theres no money anyway.

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