Russia Preparing for Nuclear World War III with NATO USA Breaking News November 5 2016


Russia Preparing for Nuclear World War III with NATO USA Breaking News END times Last days bible prophecy update November 5 2016 CYBER ALERT: The …


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  3. Good idea, blow it all up and start over.

  4. Dadee3 says:

    How many times are they going to prepare?

  5. No2TheNWO says:

    Obama just attacked Russia's electrical grid. They want war before the elections. Get ready folks. Things are about to get ugly.

  6. Teth Adamus says:

    humans are stupid, especially Amerikkkans. while the sheep continue to consume irrelevant trinkets in there capitalistic society like sheep grazin on grass in an enclosed field, Russia is preparin to crush Amerikkka with a iron gauntlet. China, N.Korea, and Iran will play there parts too. it wont be this year, it wont be next year, and likely not even 2018, but by 2019, somethin really bad is goin to happen. mark my words.

  7. Mike Morgid says:

    Don't underestimate the how despicable the NWO and the Damcraps can be. Don't forget they own the unions. Remember what they want in the girls bathroom, they are also embracing female mutilations and being draped in black burkas and beat with sticks.

  8. Isaiah 45:7 – I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.
    God is in Control of Everything, Nothing happens without His say!
    There is nothing to fear, unless you do not have the Lord Jesus, Yeshua, as Your Personal Savior! There is still time, but the Window of Opportunity is Closing! Be Blessed, and found, in Him! Nick

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