Russia threatens USA with Nuclear attack


Russia Warning in St Petersburg against interference in third-party global conflicts, Medvedev said: “At some moment such actions, which undermine sovereignty Syria, Iran, North Korea, can end with a full-fledged regional war, or even, and I don’t want to scare anybody, the use of nuclear weapons

Russia threatens USA with Nuclear attack

NATO Missile Defense Forcing Russia To Take Countermeasures
February 2013 The lack of agreement on missile defense may negatively affect Russia-NATO cooperation in other areas, too, because Russian relations to the Western alliance rely on strategic stability, Russian Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko said in Brussels yesterday. As reported on Voice of Russia radio this morning, Grushko warned that if the nuclear balance is upset by the realization of NATO-supported U.S. plans for a stage-by-stage deployment of a missile defense system, this would strongly affect the entire range of cooperation in the framework of the Russia-NATO Council.

Russia”s probable retaliation measures to the missile defense system also were on the agenda of talks which Speaker of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin had with French members of parliament in Paris Naryshkin stressed that Russia needs “guarantees backed by objective technical parameters that this system will not be targeted against Russia…. When someone tells us in words that this system is not targeted against Russia but refuses to sign a legally binding agreement in deeds, this certainly raises doubts in us,” he said, insisting that security should be equal for all countries and indivisible. Naryshkin warned that Moscow “cannot twiddle its thumbs while its U.S. partners make decisions on deploying missile defense elements in Europe and putting them into practice…. But this is surely not our choice.” Naryshkin said Russia will have to take measures in response to the missile defense system’s deployment.



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  1. Duke Nukem says:

    Does anyone remember Russia drilling a hole in Antarctica few years back? Lets just say if they were to have placed a nuke or 2 at the bottom and set it off what do you think could happen? That may be there defence or there pawn later on, but if you’ve seen the movie Day After Tomorrow, that’s exactly what shall happen, not saying they did or they are going to to, but you always have to expect the unexpected! Why else were they drilling that far down? To look for water? That’s already more than te worlds mass!? I’d put it into consideration.

  2. Stone says:

    This story is from may of 2012, do you trolls even pay attention? Furthermore Russia is backed into a corner and it was the USA threatening preemptive nuclear war in military doctrine long before Russia ever had to. Between the threats and the innumerable illegal wars and genocide and nato missile sheilds its a miracle were not at war openly with Russia now. They warn and warn to stop the covert war on syria and iran, and to stop building missile sheild, but do we listen??? No, because the ptb want depopulating nuclear winter and they will get it. Wed better get serious real quick about stoping this war before its too late

    • ReverseTheIgnorance says:

      yep it’s an old news. but the fact is Nuclear Weapons ain’t no fantasy it’s real. And both sides are ambitioning for their death warrant

  3. Patriot says:

    No body wins in a nuclear exchange,and it will be an exchange,anyone who thinks the US will sit idle by while our country is being attacked is only fooling themselves and Russia knows this..During the Kennedy years when Russia tried to put nukes in Russia should have convinced anybody we will do what it takes to protect this country.Only pulling our nukes out of Turkey averted a nuclear war then.I have no doubt nukes are in space by the US and Russia,possibility a few other countries.We don’t need our subs to return a strike.Just send the nukes from space to eliminate any would be assault on America even a EMP attack on the US would not stop a NUCLEAR response from the USA.

    • Leo says:

      @ Patriot, If the Russian submarine was NO threat why did the U S military response the way it did ? because the Russian attack Sub was a strategic threat, a nuke is a nuke, regardless of where it comes from,… from land sea, or space, Just as long as these ICBMs hit there target is all that matters know matter what the delivery system is . The Kennedy years are ancient history .

  4. Brian says:

    I wonder why everyone is forgetting to mention North Korea. I think everyone thinks they won’t make a move because of every other nation saying, “no!”. I think North Korea doesn’t give a shot and they’re ready to bomb their devil(united states of America).

  5. ReverseTheIgnorance says:

    This is the Point of No Return. End Of The Road For Peace
    A new path will open and lead all nations to ruins.

  6. les hulse says:

    holy smoke,batman

  7. luke says:

    I cannot wait till all the politicians that have contributed to bringing about these difficult times and zionist control are identified and attacked for their wickedness

  8. Gonzo says:

    Putting Obama out of office will solve nothing at all… There is only one solution: A rabid shameless anti semitism has to sweep the United States in order to ban all Jews (no matter whether Zionist or not) from public office and from all political positions of import. This is what Putin did in Russia and it worked. The time is late. The time for rabid shamless anti semitism is now. Israel did 9-11, we know that is an absolute truth. The culprits need to be brought to justice. Only that was will the US come out of its current death spiral. There is no other solution. Usrael is a mad dog and needs to be put to death.

  9. Brian says:

    More people need to open their eyes. 9/11 was set up and it wasn’t just for money. A one world government is the grand prize and they’re closer than ever to secceeding.

  10. Brian says:

    Lptar is exactly right. We don’t have to worrie about Russia, Iran, nor china. The elite and too runners from America is out biggest problem. Look up the comparsison’s between Obama and hitler. Scary! Focus on dhs!!! FEMA is also a problem but just not quite yet.

  11. carroll price says:

    A very misleading headline. Putin is not threatening the US or anyone else. He is merely making a common sense observation that constantly interfering into the internal affairs of other nations and making threatening gestures (like installing missles on Russia’s doorstep) could inadvertently lead to a nuclear exchange.

  12. Ltpar says:

    That threat might have been taken seriously at some point in history, but no longer. Both Russis and China know we have enough nuclear missiles targeted on them to turn both countrys into a glowing parking lot if ever they fired on us. Sorry Russia but your bear doesn’t hunt anymore.

    • Guest says:

      Are you truly stupid or are you just playing?? when submarines pop up in American waters in the middle of US military training exercises without US radar even knowing they were there, if Russia or China made a move you wouldn’t even have the flesh left on your bones to press than damn button.

      stop acting like America holds the aces. its pretentious game of making itself the world police has turned the world against them, and it wont be long before every country in Europe and Asia rise up against the US when they realize they have been used as pawns to further a global plan for dominance and using other nations to inflict illegal wars and economic recessions in their secret greedy and very evil scavenging of oil, gold, gas, opium and every other Earth boon, leaving everyone else without and the nations they invaded, left with millions of rotting corpses, rivers of blood and totally impoverished in ruins, while the ones responsible line their large pockets!!

      whether you or those leaders and secret agencies like it or not, cause and effect is a law that affects everything and everyone, and humans are like ants under a rock….when the Earth reacts to human destructiveness, these so called powers of the world will shake in their boots, wale and chatter their teeth in fear, just like those they have terrorized for 30 years!

      when 2 civil wars strike America like an implosion, then you’ll bare witness to the beginning of the end of the USA!!

    • Leo says:

      @Ltpar You should research the the treaties the U S and Russia entered it did not include the Peoples Republic of China which has not reduced their nuclear arsenal at all, when did the Chinese never enter into any ABM treaty with the west ? (Never) not really smart on the United States part . Putin dose not care for Obama and I can not blame him . the threats from Russia are real . I can just see it now, the american people asking ? why did this happen, the American people should pull their heads out of their ass, stop watching American Idol, including football games and get the facts for a change . The Russians are in possession of the worlds most powerful ICBM the SS 18 nick named Satan . The west has nothing like it . This war is coming and their is nothing you can do about it .

  13. flek says:

    I begin to wonder if Russia isn’t just controlled opposition.
    I also wonder if they’ve ever shaken off the Bolshevik jews.
    They sure seem to bail on their allies as of late.


  14. 5 War Veteran says:

    The USA is doomed as long as the Zionists control our government.After they ruin a country they move on to the next one to destroy. When will we learn?? We should be allied with the countries that are standing against the Zioglobalists.

    Ever wonder why they have been run out of every country they have been allowed in?

  15. 5 War Veteran says:

    Rattle them sabers boys!

    • chris says:

      With “friends” like Israel, who needs enemies! Unless you’re still stupid enough to think Iraq, Afghanistan or “Bin Laden” had something to do with 911!

  16. nick says:

    Well, the Bible does say the world shall end in flames.. So the way how Russia and America are fighting I’m going to guess its going to end in nuclear war.

  17. ravenmaven says:

    The USA is doomed as long as the Zionists control our government.After they ruin a country they move on to the next one to destroy. When will we learn?? We should be allied with the countries that are standing against the Zioglobalists.

  18. BimBam says:

    Putin knows what really is going on? is Barry Saetoro endangering the world on purpose? Setting US up? He is known to hate America.

  19. Leo says:

    @Masayo Wholeheartedly I agree, dose not the book of Revelation give a clue to the mind of mankind and the beast Revelation 17:9

    Verse 9. “Here is the mind which hath wisdom.” – It was said before, chap. xiii. 18, Here is wisdom. Let him that hath A MIND, or understanding, (noun,) count the number of the beast. Wisdom, therefore, here means a correct view of what is intended by the number 666; consequently the parallel passage, Here is THE MIND which hath WISDOM, is a declaration that the number of the beast must first be understood, before the angel’s interpretation of the vision concerning the whore and the beast can admit of a satisfactory explanation.

    • Michael Cook says:

      The ‘wisdom’ that is required here is not human wisdom, but the wisdom that is from above. So it would have to be interpreted by a truly God-fearing individual, who is familiar with Gods ways. This is not some specific individual, but to all who are so spiritually minded with God’s ways. The number seven is always attributed to heavenly things, so six well depicts that which falls short of heavenly standards, to have three sixes, seems to indicate and emphasise the imperfection of this beast, compared to the wisdom from above. My limited knowledge of scripture can only take me so far, but hope it helps others in their understanding of revelation.

  20. Masayo says:

    I believe we all had enough of fighting. It is unnecessary in this 21st Century. Do not think hastily and ask God for the best solution. We are all humans God created us with the diverse for his purposes. We have not yet learned the consequences from the history. What kills people? It is the human mind, not the weapon you posses. Many of us worry about children’s future regarding the finance situation but it would be a small matter when you are dealing with the corrupted human mind. Focus on how to deal with a difficult mind, how to prevent the horror history. None of humans win next time but pay for the sin and nothing to gain out of the wrong mind and the heart.

    • Ltpar says:

      Can’t argue with you on fighting, we have had enough and need to bring home our military from all over the world. On the rest of your comments, it would be nice if we lived in a perfect world. Unfortunately, we have not had a perfect world since the snake seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden. From that original sin, man was cast out by God and subjected to the many temptations of the physical world. Each of us has “free will” and can choose betweeen sin and rightousness. Sadly, we all fall subject to the negative influences and sin as often as not? To compound that error, many people have cast God out of their lives altogether. Moral of this story is that unless we get our act together, the United States is likely to fall victim to the same punishement from God that Israel felt in Biblical Days..

  21. Leo says:

    @ Mohsen Samii …Right ….NO guarantee that the outcome would be in favor of the current opposition, is that not why both sides refer to a thermonuclear conflict as (MAD) Mutually Assured Destruction . of course .

    • mohsen samii says:

      With no guarantee of victory for either side and an exchange of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction will only result in ” A misery for ALL” situation. Greed unfortunately will prevail and for the past 30 years or so this greed has shown us clearly as to what is coming and what is just round the corner is not going to be pretty to say the least.

  22. Leo says:

    Fear mongering ? ok.. try invading Iran the way you did Iraq and Libya . Iran and Russia has in part signed a security pack together. to attack Iran is to attack Russia , Go for it . see where it gets the U S. nuked right off the North American continent .

  23. common law p.a.g. Chris says:

    This is precisely: “Fear Mongering” conjured as a media fabricated DIS-spinformation to predicate agents provocateur inspired; black hand special ops False Flag CoIntelOps; to devise some legal pretense hypothecated to transmute the illusion posed as “Foreign Enemy Terrorist”, with the pretend POTUS’ Demonic GloBa’alist Co-CON-spirit-orial Revolutionary Gorilla Terrorist Communist chroanies in Russia’s Kremlin?

  24. It is very pathetic to know that powerful countries want to grab more power and become the sole owner of the planet. All beings are born to die, so why things are happening to make them die before their life span. Please , world leaders think of the innocent beings who do not crave to grab power, as they know nothing is not permanent. ………. Su

  25. Leo says:

    NO, it is the U S economy that is collapsing and the Russian economy is growing, because the Russian Federation and Putin are untying the Zionist financial knot that is engulfing the entire financial global collapse . The U S. had better take heed of these warnings from Russia . The Federation has a new red hot Bulava ICBM, it is a killer nuclear missile, then Russian has the SS 18 or known as R36 M -Satan ICBM with 10 multiple independently targeted warheads . The Bulava is the lastest ICBM the Russian has, (extra sharp) The U S. ICBM technology dates back to the 70s to some degree and .The U S Minuteman 3 ICBM technology is ancient history . the However U S Trident 2 nuclear ICBM was deployed in 1990, still the Trident 2 dose not have the nuclear punch that the Russian SS 18 has, that is why it is called Satan . Again, the U S had better take heed to these Russian Warnings . (Laugh if you will), It was not funny when Russia got one of their nuclear attack submarines in the gulf of Mexico unnoticed by the U S military, it was there for weeks unnoticed . Funny ? Go on Obama man, provoke the Russian Bear. this is getting interesting .

    • mohsen samii says:

      The US Politicians and many US citizens ( though not the great majority) know full well that powerful groups including the Zionists determine financial, national and foreign policies of the United States; however the private citizens have no power to change the structure and the politicians who have are bought and paid for and as such will do NOTHING to stop the rot. The end game of course will be a violent one for the people of the US, the European Union and all their Allies across the spectrum. The suffering of the masses will continue for the foreseeable future until this evil plays itself out. Only an abrupt action could bring the
      end much closer yet with no guarantee that the outcome would be in favor of the current opposition.

    • carl says:

      Zionist and banks make money on war by lending to both sides.Cuba taught us that not Russia or the USA want to end the world but we wont back down so easy ,but we will deal to get a solution.Russia is making money because the wild west days for Russia are over and their Mafia is under control with Putin.Their oil and gas wealth is needed by its western partners in NATO and if the Euro collapeses Russia loses as well.We are all inter connected if our economy fails the world will suffer.

      • Leo says:

        @Carl ..correction, NO it is THE END of the wild west days in the west, America is broke, because it allowed the Zionist to totally take over and ruin the financial institutions in the west including Europe and America . Putin, has ousted the Zionist from Russia, that is why the Russian Federation is on the rebound . that is one of the reasons in part Why U S intelligence endeavored to have Putin assassinated and failed . The Russian Federation will know longer play the Zionist game .

    • Ltpar says:

      Leo, if you actuaally believe that the United State Military has not updated and developed new weapons systems far advanced of what the Soviets have, please contact me as I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell you real cheap. The Soviets can barely afford to feed their military much less pump billions of dollars into new state of the art weapons. For even the most advanced technology we are told about, the American military has other systems doubly advanced that we do not know about. Major conflict is not something I worry about. I am more concerned with the potential for internal conflict when the country finally goes bankrupt and the dollar becomes worthless. This is a greater threat than the Soviets and China combined.

  26. Michael Cook says:


  27. GJS says:

    Unfortunately your opinion isdifficult to argue with.
    I personally don’t think that Russia is the enemy that we in the west should be worried about.

    • Ltpar says:

      The enemy we should be worried about is Obama and the Congress (both parties).

      • Gonzo says:

        Absolutely wrong. The problem is not Obama but those who put him in place and I don’t mean the boters, but the Zionist elite in full control ov the USA now. They want Russia and the US to destroy each other.

  28. Michael J. Marsalek says:

    This was to be expected. At some point, the U.S. was bound to experience the same economic collapse as did Russia after their occupation of Afghanistan. In preperation, the U.S. has systematically been sanctioning Russia’s trading partners to weaken Russia economically. The U.S. is deliberately collapsing the global economy to force the globl community into preserving the dollar as the reserve currency. In times of trouble, people seek safety in what they know and are less likely to make any big changes. The U.S. dollar’s only value is that people accept it. When that is no longer the case, dollars will make great toilet paper and it won’t much matter what denomination is used. A $100.00 bill will work as well as $1.00 bill.

  29. mohsen samii says:

    It seems that Hell will break loose before too long, this vedio is yet another warning which will be seen by some, some will take note and some will brush it aside . I personally take note.

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