Russia To Collapse Dollar, White House Prepares For Civil Unrest

Cyrus Khoroushi

Is the Pentagon preparing for civil unrest in the United States? 

With the Russian Ruble about to collapse Russia and China are pushing for a collapse of the U.S. dollar. It’s a race between the superpowers to see which currency will collapse first.

 Russia To Collapse Dollar, White House Prepares For Civil Unrest

Experts have said that the U.S. and Europe cannot survive for much longer, and with Russia’s economic surplus, its looking likely that the Ruble will out-live the dollar.

This video looks at what the near future holds as the Dollar (and therefore much of the western world) head towards a collapse

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  1. dave says:

    We have become used to major super powers lording it over the rest of the world . Lying – scheming – causing wars – manipulating money and people and we the victims take it and say very little . Hoping that common sense and common decency will prevail and maybe sometime our pollies will wake up and put a stop this f**king up of the world and its people will stop . But I suppose all that should not interfere with the soapies- phoney talent shows and all the rest of the crap that stages as entertainment on the showbiz scene. we live in a dumbed down world and when TSHF we wont hardly notice !!

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