Russia Wants World War III — Kiev Ready to Fight



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  1. Yes, we very well might be in the "Last Days".  Ever since Israel became a nation again, I thought the End may be soon.  But my analysis of what happened in Ukraine puts the blame more on the West than on Russia.  We paid protestors $5 billion to have a violent demonstration in Kiev that led to a coupe against a legitimately elected pro-Russian government that did not want to join the EU.  The West wanted them to join the EU (& later probably NATO).  The Russians won't allow NATO bases in Ukraine, just like we did not allow Soviet missiles in Cuba.

  2. The rag doll talks big.

  3. Kurvel Vrece says:

    Why do I feel like he just pulled off a gauntlet, slapped Putin with it, and then challenged him to a duel? Excellent performance though. 

  4. phil collins says:

    This pillow biter should volunteer to lead the charge to war.

  5. mcmilione says:

    The Bible says that the Whore of Babylon will be destroyed with the fruit of her own devices. ( Jeremiah 6 [16-19] 50 [40] Isaiah 1 [20] Revelation 17-18-19 ) Are the missiles of the East currently aimed at the Vatican, or America? Christians: America is the Whore of Babylon and GOD wants you to flee from her……………….period. For a free copy of a book of Bible Prophecy quotes that affirms this, and more, provide what you feel is a safe Email address to: I do this to obey the LORD. Ezekiel 33. GOD bless the Remnant of CHRIST'S Kingdom. R.O.C.K. 

  6. mcmilione says:

    Christians: The LORD says; 'Tell the righteous all will be well with them,' ( Isaiah 3 (10) so do not despair. When you read Prophecy you may well find that just as CHRIST, we must find righteousness through obedience. Perhaps we will be found righteous for obeying GOD'S call for his people to Exodus from America. This country has declared war on Christians, and the enemies of GOD, are far more. We must fulfill Prophecy where it is said: There will be a Remnant who will be spared. Just as CHRIST said in the Garden; Do you not know that the Son of Man must fulfill Prophecy, and blessed are those who fulfill Prophecy. The LORD has spoken of the Remnant, and as the LORD instructed, we must fulfill it. The Remnant will convert many of Judah to the LORD, because they understood the Prophets of the Torah, as well as the New Testament Prophecies. America will soon move to martyr many of us, so either satisfy the Prophecies regarding the Martyrs, ( The 5th seal of Revelations.) or be of the Remnant who heeded Prophecy. Our choice. Both will be fulfilled. Read the quotes! 

  7. Joe Morey says:

    +RS Miller Does Kerry ever speak plain truth? Nothing in this excerpt out of his mouth contains real truth – it's all lies built on top of lies. Listening to him is sickening!

  8. weee mf says:

    The Zionists want WW3
    Not Russia

  9. mcmilione says:

    Thank you , and GOD bless! 

  10. i draye says:

    miste miller dont be stupid usa spy that not ucraine, you talk that warr criminal Bush

  11. Crimson989 says:

    Это говное еще и смотрят!?))) У меня вопрос к автору – На каких фактах основаны твои выводы!? )))) Чмо ты обосанное!

  12. straight comment! both country could suffer severe damage, usa dont want to gamble it already had…beautiful beaches, the internet,nasa boeing,ford gmc, apple microsoft  facebook, hollywood, homeless,beggars etc.. etc… etc.. and this youtube!

  13. TREX LEX says:

    as I see it its the other way around.

  14. GXSRpreper1 says:

    America is the one that wants ww3 fuk tard 

  15. Sailiot says:

    what the shit in ur heads, lol))

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