Russia warns Denmark Nuclear Strike World War III Three Trigger


World War Three Trigger Russia warns Nuclear Strike if Denmark joining USA led missile shield Breaking News 2015 …


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  2. Eirexeyes says:

    Who the fuck do the Russians think they are telling a sovereign country what kind of defence they can implament..? Now I hope Denmark do what they are gonna do.. European nations have a right to their defence.. And Russia has no right to tell a European country what kind of defence it can have,…

  3. Troy Scott says:

    Does anyone else hear how crazy all this b.s. sounds..? One minute the ruskies are cock of the walk. The next, a whimpering child throwing a tantrum… Too much theatre. Folks are starting to wake up to the hollywood war…….

  4. Steve Burton says:

    Note if there ever a world war  3 it because the Rothchilds want one to help move the NWO closer to there goals – There goals are kill half if not more of us 99% one world government there be no peace till this is done then you sheep that believe the media will get trackers implanted with your info- then those that say it nothing to do with me and let them carry on your just be slaves for the 1%

  5. Surce Riol says:

    who teh fuck russia think itb is, telling other countries what they can or can't have ? WTF mind numbing wtf is wrong with these russians?

  6. Schan Ninla says:

    Russians barbarians 

  7. Get right with God almighty. The end is near

  8. Russian can't decide,what other countries wanna do ..who they think there are..


    Norwegian F-16s Refueling Red Flag
    Video by Senior Airman Aaron Hauser 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs 
    Footage of boom operator MSgt Aaron Meadows, 18th Air Refueling Squadron, 931st Operations Group, McConnell Air Force Base, KS, conducting refueling operations aboard a KC-135 Stratotanker. During the flight, F-16s from the 338th Squadron, Norway, refueled over the Nevada Test & Training Range during the second week of Red Flag 15-2.
    Russian Tu-95MS bombers have started exercises in Russia's Arctic North to test the combat readiness of the country's air defense alert force.

    Read more:

  10. missile shit is a offensive(attack , included first strike , preemptive strike) system , then , will have contuermeasures to it like TN tipped bm cm and other stuf

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