#RUSSIAN Military TU-154 plane loaded with 77 VIPs drops off RADAR — Illuminati WW3


Russian military Tu-154 aircraft disappears from radars after … – RT.com https://www.rt.com/news/371623-russian-tu-154-disappears-radars/ 21 mins ago …


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  1. Serg Kaizen says:

    Just gives us the heads up when you think we should bug out.

  2. The cia probably did it. Fuck the CIA..

  3. Oh, and Merry Christmas Dave.. Get some sleep..

  4. Num Uno Pat says:

    I don't see Putin taking many more shots on the chin. Sh*t could get serious

  5. CIA hostage recruitment all rolled into one, suppose to be cold war how american boring lets play ole favorite geeze write them new scripts

  6. Devil wants attention on Jesus birthday he is one jealous fallen angel of course there is going to be bad things happening around our Lords birthday.. Happy Birthday Jesus. Merry Christmas to all

  7. Illuminati set up?

  8. Sugar Shine says:

    okay we need to find out who was on that plane and then we can deduce from that who did it.. I'm wondering if there was somebody special on that plane. but this has Obama written all over it but then again you know how they like to move the chess pieces around keep everybody on their toes this is bullshit regardless I've always said I can't get mad at Putin because the idiot in the White House is just taunting him. and I've got to keep going into the military so trust me I'm not happy right now

  9. justa guy says:

    man…..goes off radar, after takeoff? perfect altitude for a manpad?

  10. cough cough laser weapons cough cough.

  11. Danner mags says:

    These planes are known to crash…. they are from the 1960's

  12. This all part of the synthetic reality right Dave? Russian and American governments have been compromised for quite some time, this is all propaganda nonsense

  13. justa guy says:

    let us not forget. poohtin is no angel either. how'd he come into power again? oh yeah very 9/11esque apartment bombings? the world truly is a stage..

  14. jonah70757 says:

    There is a war going on. Question is when does it come here?

  15. susie89434 says:

    Not to worry … they are heading for their bunkers!

  16. obviously the frothy anus has something to do with this folks!!

  17. craig list says:

    i dont believing in Conspiracy theories any more

  18. Nita Finke says:


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