Russian Reveals The truth about UFO & Aliens Technology 2016


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  1. Chuck Norris is an alien

  2. In Russia, UFO secrets you. ;)


  4. The history channel__ another disinformation agency__all anomalous phenomena are to be categorised as military/scientific doings.  Heaven forbid if there really are aliens not of this world, out there. Then the ''authorities'' could be  seen to be no authorities at all….denial porn

  5. if they come i hope they take us out because their is so much evil in this world and no care for others that we don't belong here anymore.may the lord pick us up before they detroy the world.let them start a new life and we will too.

  6. I believe russian people.they are telling the truth.

  7. thumbs DOWN for ur vids. U steal clips already on the Internet for years. such bad quality also. what do u do? filming ur screen, seems like it reg the resolution.

  8. angel Fambro says:

    Personally i feel the aliens would be not much different than the human race. You have good & bad established within every religion, race, color etc. I'd truly like to choose to find the good in every religion, race, color, etc Seriously, as the human race has done for ages we divide & conquer each other in every means possible based upon division thru color, religion, power, money, war…what if we considered unification and acting truly as one nation under God, whomever you consider your higher power or creator source to be? Not being discriminatory nor judgemental toward one another. And replacing hate with compassion.. don't you all believe this planet could in fact become a much better place?

  9. Sky Pro says:

    anyone know a good recipe for madras. i really wana try making it, it taste delicious

  10. Tim Yeakel says:

    No Crater…. Lets see. A nuke went off a few miles above the ground it's a no brainer… probably one of our ICBMs went astray or one of theirs…. If it would have hit the ground it would left the Russian's our calling card… The nuke could have went off a mile above the ground or more and still done that kind of damage with little residual rads evidence… First generation ICBM's were not at all accurate. Part of the reason most of our silos are obsolete.

  11. Just a comment for SolarPenguin what r u on because the chuck Norris we all familiar with I can only laugh and he would b too  they are demons not aliens they were always here and lol to an invasion my friend they have already done that with comments like yours that's more evidence again, yes they invaded and took over your brain so where is old chuck now your clearly insane

  12. Evostas says:

    Stalin already knew whats up fucken Russians lmfaooo

  13. Blaise Gauba says:

    O.K., I'm confused. What is that stupid bunch of single frame images that trail across the bottom of the video? And how do I get rid of them? They are very distracting!

  14. Rob Bleeker says:

    But how would they know some random code to fire a nuclear missile ? I have my doubts

  15. westmedtim says:

    Dude, quit labeling old documentaries as "2016". You're acting like a regular ASS-PIPE in your feeble effort to get views/channel traffic….Mislabeling these is deceptive and makes Ufology and Ufologists look retarded…..

  16. P. de W. says:

    If that was an asteroid, tthen where was the asteroid landing? The asteroid should be made an impact somewhere with a long distance path of destroying. A meteor that big into our atmosphere dont say hello to earth and then dissapear into our atmosphere upwards and then into space again. Once in our atmosphere there is no turning back. That was no asteroid. Don't deny the truth!

  17. joseph stone says:

    nicole skinner is right.. they are the disembodied souls of the fallen ones and there children. its all in genesis people.

  18. Another fucking retarded doc, you fucking people have nothing better to do besides making up child stories. If you dont have hard core evidence, then leave it alone, every single picture you show, every single video you show, its the same bullshit over and over again. I dont give a fuck what you see. If you can't make contact, or Interact with them, then give it the fuck up already. Im tired of seeing all talk and no walk.

  19. Jay Alex says:

    yeah they travel billions of light years have far superior technology's and do what hid in the shadows. only people that are hiding anything are black projects

  20. c'mon… at 4:16 those are most likely freakin' bb gun holes. duh.

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