Russian S-300s in Abkhazia to block Israeli Hit On Iran


US and Israeli military sources told debkafile Thursday, Aug. 12, that a threat from Georgia was not the reason why Russian posted advanced S-300 interceptor batteries Russia in Abkhazia and air defense weapons in South Ossetia on the northern shore of the Black Sea -as Moscow officially maintained, but rather possible moves by the US and/or Israel against Iran and its nuclear facilities.

Georgia’s armed forces do not run to the sophisticated warplanes, missiles or drones that would warrant establishing the high-powered S-300 interceptors for defending the breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Ordinary air defense batteries would do for deterrence.

Therefore, US military sources believe Moscow placed the sophisticated batteries on the Black Sea shore more as a counterweight for the US Sixth Fleet warships present in the Mediterranean and Black Seas and the two big American bases close to the latter waterway – the Mikhail Kogalniceanu Air Base near Constanta, Romania, and the Bezmer Air Base used by the US Air Force just 50 kilometers from the southern shore of the Black Sea.

Their location gives the US Air Force the freedom to operate over both the Mediterranean and Black Seas.
Our military sources disclose that attention was drawn in Moscow and Tehran to the exercises the Israeli Air Force has been conducting from the two American bases to simulate strikes against Iran’s concealed nuclear sites.

They noticed in particular the Israeli Yasur CH-53 helicopter which crashed in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania on July 26, killing six Israeli airman and a Romanian flight captain. It was obvious to Russian and Iranian observers from the way the CH-53 crashed and the veil of secrecy clamped down by Israeli authorities that it had been engaged in practicing touch-and-go attacks on nuclear sites which the Iranians have holed up in tunnels burrowed in the sides of lofty mountain precipices.

DEBKfile’s intelligence sources do not doubt that Russian placed the top-of-the line air defense systems in Abkhazia for intercepting flights taking off from the American bases in Bulgaria and Romania and heading east over Georgia and Azerbaijan and on to the Caspian and Black Seas to northern Iran.

By deploying the S-300s, Moscow has put paid to any plans Israel may have had for using this northern route for attacking Iran.

The deployment was also a message of reassurance from Moscow to Tehran: Although Russia is withholding the advanced S-300 interceptors from Iran it has its own methods for blocking an American or Israel raid on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities.

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  1. TheAZCowBoy says:

    The S-300 is the best deterrednt to the US/Israel ‘genocide twins’ plans for the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Rugged, reliable, impossible to deter with ECM (Enemy countermeasures) it can target 17 targets simultaneously and can take out cruise missiles and IRBM missiles.

    Of couse, with just Russian AK-47’s and RPG-7’s the Afghan’s have kicked arse on the US/NATO’s pale white assses to the point that they ‘can’t find the door’ out of Af/Pak – and we have to congratulate these ‘rugged’ patriots that fight to ‘eject’ the aggressors of the west with vigor and deadly aim.

    Interesting, as an ex-F-104C fighter pilot (12 years), for me to talk this way, but after seeing the US/Israeli ‘homiciders’ at work of late, I am cheering on the Taliaban, (and if they can get the missiles through those narrow tunnels) the Hamas warriors.

    Tombstone, AZ.

  2. peter paul says:

    russia we love you, now smallbig union with the great china , and iran have have nothing to frear from zionists, russia supply europe, and iran china.end of story.end winner is?? soft power .
    long life to you russia,china,iran.pakistan.

  3. Effendi says:

    This is most excellent news. As an American soldier tired of America fighting zionist wars of hemodgeny, I am glad that Mr Putin decided to hedge his energy investments. It is incumbent upon the US Air Force to engage and destroy these 100 israeli aircraft before they breach Iranian borders. On the outside chance that President Obama blinks, I certainly hope and believe that China joins Russia in ensuring Iran’s security and blow those planes out of the sky. It’s a 100% American Best interest and absolute responsibility to protect the 1 Million Americans in theater and within range of Iranian rockets. There will be no attack on Iran, but just in case the zionists manage to pull off yet another false flag attack on America, I’m pleased to see Russia has Iran’s back!!

  4. paul maleski says:

    Energetic Iran is Europe’s friend not fiend.
    Asiatic Georgia must not be permitted to join NATO at any cost. Fiendish Israel is Asiatic and thankfully thousands of miles from the North Atlantic; it is no friend of white Christian Europe; and NATO should not touch the diseased swindling state, with a ten foot barge pole. To be honest, the average American white ain’t too different from the run of the mill white Russian. Far more unites them, in terms of religion and a common European heritage than divides them. The tragedy,for both great nations is the undeniable fact; that they unknowingly, perhaps naively permitted the jew to spread its destructive tentacles throughout their respective power structures. Bolshevism was foisted on Mother Russia by the jew, tens of millions perished in the Gulags as a result; later in post communist Russia, American economic terrorists: Jeffrey Sachs, Andrei Shleifer and all, introduced shock therapy to a vulnerable, traumatized proletariat; this resulted in the biggest looting of a sovereign country’s natural resources, in world’s history. Much of this ill-gotten loot found, its grubby way to the Narcokleptocratic state of Israel. America’s jewish contamination is more subtle, sinister and far more dangerous: via. Hollywood, the mass media, hate lobby groups such as the ADL, jewish anti Christian propaganda is fatally undermining the morals of American society: by promoting homosexuality, pornography, paedophilia, miscegenation, open door immigration, abortion, cultural genocide etc. Zionism is a cancer that can’t be cured through ‘proportional’ treatments. It requires invasive surgery.

  5. Mihail says:

    That is true,AmeriKKAA is going to burn in one day,Revelation 18(Babylon the Great)is going to burn in one day with fire(Nuclear Weapons).Russia is going to destroy ISRAHEEL PROSTITUTE(AMERICA).Also Isaiah 47//Jeremiah 50/.The SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN (REVELATION 2:9,,3:9)FAKE JEWS,KHAZARS THAT ADOPTED JUDAISM IN 740 WANT THEIR SATANIC JEW WORLD ORDER,TAKE A LOOK AT THEIR FLAG(THE SIX POINTED STAR)666/MARK OF THE BEAST.

  6. Dr Jamal says:

    Thank you Russia. You are a true friend like the Chinese. I am glad you are not leaving Iran at the mercy of Facists USA and Israel. May Allah bless all people and Government of Russia.

    Dr Jamal Lahore, Pakistan

  7. Gerald says:

    This is a great article–just great. I think Russia/ China are going to stick it up our backside and break it off. They have Tesla Scalar weapons on line and ready to go. Read the other article in this up-date…This is a great piece of work. Its too bad very few people will heed it. Maybe they should read the book of Daniel in the Bible–The king of the South is the big loser and the King of North “Russis” is the winner. Good-by AMERICA !!!

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