RWW News: Glenn Beck Lays Out The ‘Road To World War III’


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  1. Marc Parrish says:

    Here we go again. "Don't know how and don't know when". We do know why he was fired at Fox. Now folks, he THINKS that we will be in a WW 3 by the end of the year. He didn't have paddy wagon up there but that may happen before WW 3.

  2. It's a little bit weird to have an advent timeline where WWIII starts and then have a notable event in that timeline be disenchanted youth.

  3. We're on a highway to hell!

  4. The 3rd Roman Empire made up of Russians, makes perfect sense. It's just too bad their magic jooo will never show up to take the "righteous" home with him….

  5. We already had a call to arms…you know, when we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. We already have a disenfranchised youth- this generation will be the poorest in quite some time in US history. And we've already had a global recession if not depression occur. It happened when the banks collapsed. If you noticed, we've survived all these cataclysms without going into WWIII. This is the dirty little secret about future predictions. All you have to do is describe what's going on in your current political environment, but do so ambiguously, and that will then describe pretty much every major political event to come.

  6. Oh gods who let him near the chalk again!

  7. ZCorp Alpha says:

    Mr. Beck, if I may, it is rude to wear a hat indoors. Please be respectful. ?

  8. Frank Kelley says:

    I predict humanity will go extinct, either by the Summer or the heat death of the Universe. I'm horrible on time….

  9. that says "disenchanted" you dumbass

  10. Glenn Beck 2009-2013: Muslims are bad.
    Glenn Beck 2013- Present: People don't like muslims so nazism is on the rise, see how I am right?

  11. Nate Carlson says:

    Seeing all these comments making fun of Glenn, saying how he's an idiot or how he doesn't really know what he's talking about. Yet a few years ago. He predicted the Arab spring and the rise of the Caliphate. This was before anything started happening in Egypt. He went into such great detail, with a lot of research to back up. Everything. People from the left called him crazy. Mainstream media mocked him. And yet. Guess what. He was right. And he was because he was speaking biblical truth. He was preaching end time prophecy. Does it surprise me that by most of the comments. No one really seems to believe him. No. Pry because the majority of you voted for Obama and could really give a shit less as to what happens in the world. Thing is, you should care. Because if Glenn is right, which I personally believe he is, what will happen is going to affect everyone. Wise up. Open your eyes. Do your research. This world is already going to hell in a hand basket. The least you can do for yourself is ready yourself. I'm not telling you, that you have to believe in God. That's your choice. But I do have to say, something is going to happen this year. With the events going on in Ferguson and ISIS growing constantly. You'd be ignorant to believe nothing is going to happen and that we will all live happily ever after. 

  12. douche bags! the shit is gonna hit the fan!
     read their comments as the Russian people praise them !! maybe  you will wake up when its too late. better to be safe then sorry!

  13. you better put your i phones down and pick up a rifle you pinko communist fucktards!

  14. MrJohn2010 says:

    The United States waging a war against half of NATO. Somehow i don't see it.

  15. M Khorasan says:

    "I'm always bad with time" haha. Yet point made

  16. thomas Dee says:

    Becks winning formula


    They happen eventually.

    'I WAS RIGHT!!!!'

  17. oh come on !, none of this is his doings, he tells his backroom staff to come up with something with a hint of Armageddon for his shows.
    his "researchers" must get together in the pub,and conspire to get the fool to repeat the nonsense they have thought of. something on the lines of "word bingo" the winner gets a free round of drinks. (sussed it)

  18. Disenchanted Youth?!?!? WTF Glenn? Does that mean the loose their save throws or something?

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