Saddam Hussein – The Truth (Documentary)


In my opinion this documentary is very accurate, especially compared to any propaganda you will find on the History channel.


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  1. How Americans dare to talk bad about others while the blood of many innocent people is on their hands?! This is quite interesting to me. What about invading and occupying other countries and creating chaos under the pretext of bringing democracy. Bush created a mess here with his army. This is not something to be proud of.

  2. i want to be kim jong un and just initiate ww3, i wanna end this all, america needs to be destroyed no matter what.

  3. nico olsen says:

    its ironic looking at this now, and see how the world is now, with ISIS and terrorism all over the world now..

  4. Vikas Smith says:


  5. Sacu TT (TT) says:

    ISIS is funded by the USA thats a fact now and the truth has become out.The want regime change in Syria,so that they can get their hands on oil just as they did in Libya and Iraq and to knock out Russian influence.Fuck you you monkey Obama go to hell already!

  6. wmd???????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Louis Turner says:

    Children die all the time, you should be glad they don't have to live in this shit world.

  8. The George H W Bush speech: now he's a dictator? But not when he was doing your dirty work ridding the region of communists and then of Islamists? Then he was your man good enough to supply him with weapons, conventional and chemical…you two-faced lying duplicitous hypocrite. What scumbags the American government.

  9. "The war on terror doesn't only involve al-qaida…" All the while Bush is thinking, "damn, how am I gonna phrase this preposterous, (no, too big of a word for him) this stinking lie they'll never buy it…fuck it I'm just gonna throw it out there!" "It also involves Saddam Hussein.." "yeah, that's the ticket yeah…" " He terrorized his own people" (Right, with the chemical weapons Rumsfeld kindly delivered on behalf of your father) "oh shit they're swallowing it up! These people are dumber than rocks!" Holy fuck this boils my blood. How can so many people be so stupid as to believe what the government tells them as the truth? It's maddening!

  10. Sir Bobby says:

    Saddam knew what to do with terrorists.

  11. Was he a tyrant or was he just staunch?

  12. saddam was real man

  13. g.w bush is a real bad man .THAT IS REAL TRUTH

  14. Atleast saddam had control! which US and current puppets don't have!

  15. snow blue says:

    A tragedy preceded by a tyrant…Feel sad that iraqis suffered…

  16. just imagine a world with zero religion. most of this bullshit would end.

  17. Anon Heel says:

    Sanctions against Iraq killed 500 thousand Iraqi children reported by 60 Minutes with Albright! there is a video on You Tube!

  18. Great, lots of propaganda!

  19. Lolimaster says:

    Many places don't need the so called democracy, they've worked for millenia with iron fist rulers and it's better that way. You try to change with your vision of what is good, libia and irak are basically hell right now. USA and friends tried to do the same with Siria, THEY FAILED in the end.

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