Satanic Illuminati Mind Control 2015 Brainwashing America ( documentary )


Satanic Illuminati Mind Control 2015 – Brainwashed America ( documentary ) This video is a must see !! It becomes very interesting !! , And definitely one of t .


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  1. spainishgirl says:

    verrrrrrry deep and interesting.

  2. Donald Brown says:

    "Evolution is a dangerous philosophy"….Obviously because this guy hasn't evolved.

  3. Kieron Darcy says:

    America is fucked up BECAUSE of cunts like this bloke. I would love to meet this assclown in person. Lying asshole.

  4. Kris Spicer says:

    His comment of an Islamic person wearing a diaper on his head is ignorant. He speaks out against racism and how bad it is and then slams an Islamic person. The thing is he assumed that a person with a turban is Islamic. They could be of another religion. I really wonder about why I wake up in the morning to hear so much confusion. The reality is we all need to work together to help each other. This fellow needs God to restore his soul to a place of humility and understanding. This man has mixed up a good portion of the Bible. However there is some interesting points when it comes to the way money is used on this planet. If I was a loving God I sure would heal a lot of people and there would be no more suffering. If there is a God then please come and save us now because by the looks of things we certainly are not doing a good job of saving ourselves.

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