Satanis: The Devil’s Mass Documentary Part 5 of 6



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  1. Xomanowar99 says:

    Why does this remind me of the show Oddities on the sci fi channel?

  2. 3:33 is that marijuana i see? :D

  3. pukaki1000 says:

    @hitthatjeffrey123 i think it is my dear friend.oh look, ! An elephant

  4. i wanna see the old lady naked on the altar 

  5. AlyssaQ420 says:

    Yeah. She seems wicked smart too. :)

  6. AlyssaQ420 says:

    :40 I wonder if it occured to her neighbor that his daughter might have just gotten sick? I hate that some people will find any reason they can to attack a religion they don't agree with.

  7. Waifu Trump says:

    I had terrible acne until I figured out masturbation… It cleared up pretty quick once I did.

    I would feel uncomfortable if my mother taught me how to do it- but that's because our society makes sex out to be a shameful act, it's not.

    I would have liked it if my father showed me how to jerk off- it would have been useful to learn earlier than I did- I didn't figure it out 'till I was 12 and I had to go through allot of angst before that. :/

  8. Waifu Trump says:

    The only reason you feel bad about sex is because other- fucked up people have instilled that sick, perverted attitude in you as a child.

  9. txthrasher68 says:

    she didnt exactly teach him. she probably just explained it to him and he figured it out on his own. where the fuck is your mind at?

  10. you come to this video with your mind made ..

  11. Nope. Still can't decide. Up or down.

  12. I wish all the hypocritical Christians (the ones who sin, who are almost the majority of them anyway) will stop feeling self righteous whenever they see something they don't like and tell every other religion to fuck off because it doesn't make sense to them -_- all of a sudden they are the saviours of the world set on teaching the world how amazing God is when in fact they just finished committing some sort of sin seconds ago…

  13. Bloodraged says:

    Anton Lavey was misinformed about white magic sacrificing animals… sorry never heard of this is any Wicca ritual

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  15. I could have sworn I saw the slenderman in one of the paintings

  16. +VVASABII Offiiciial Lol, the ego is the self, without Ego human beings are easy to control and DO become cattle. If you want to see a good picture of what the human race would be like without ego check out 'The Borg' from Star Trek.

  17. +godskidable Is he arrogant enough to believe he has a personal relationship with the creator of the universe? Because to me, that's as arrogant as one can get.

  18. watch her eyes at 0.43

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