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  1. They are creating bogus terror groups now and killing and trying to blame it on Mickey
    Mouse organizations that do not exist.

  2. Bryton Wood says:

    Disinfo, please.

    Some of this is true, so think for yourself. Why are they still even alive after spreading all of this information? Yet if people believe they killed Tupac because of his movement… 

  3. Horsifer says:

    play "traffic cop" ? is that a snuff movie? xx

  4. When did you ever see a policeman, government official, military man, politician ever "lose their cool'? Always chilled, like a snake. 

  5. What i'd like to know is, how come the female naked mutelated dead body found on the grounds of Sandringham palace is not mentioned anymore ??? I guess prince Philip fancyed a snack… the queen is above the law as she owns the courts, police, army, navy, air force, MI5 and MI6, one fone call from her and its gone like in the Paul burrell case… People in England are starting to wake up…. her time is running out as us true English people (not Germans) are getting sick of been shit on…

  6. I feel so helpless sometimes. I am spreading the truth to those that will listen but it's hard. People just close their ears and change the subject. They will not focus on the truth. I think the truth is hard for most sheeple to digest. Instead they let the info stream by them without hearing and go back to their little worlds of make believe, where all is happy and all is gay! Sometimes one will listen for a bit and show interest but it's only momentary. They just go back to their little worlds where they feel safe. I'm telling you…people are afraid…
    We need a strong leader, perhaps many strong leaders who are not afraid of the elite's goon squads. Many of us are on the sidelines, waiting for someone to emerge and show us the way. Two or three of us here and there don't stand a chance. We need organization and a plan…

  7. Alex Guzzo says:

    Does anyone have or know the video or audio of john decamp exposing penn state cover up almost a decade ago according to alex jones

  8. Tom Yeoman says:

    In nomine dei nostri Satanas Luciferi, rego mei spiritas, annu mei toui scientia… Lucifer is God :)

  9. johnnyBgood says:

    David is speaking the Truth.

  10. Mutt says:

    Being a subscriber to the notion of Occam's Razor (AKA the simplest explanation for something is likely the right one) it's hilarious seeing these conspiracy theorists chasing their tails down imaginary rabbit holes and coming up with these increasingly complicated and convoluted paranoid delusions that sound like the plot of a cheesy sci-fi novel.

  11. Al G. says:

    Free video streams he says nothing is free we have to put up with these stupid adds and listen to him peddling his end of times junk

  12. wow. this is crazy stuff…
    one would normally call it insane.
    and im a conservative atheist. guys are KUH RAAAZY….

  13. As much as I agree with most of the fine detail, I can't stand listening to this twat …. I don't trust him because he talks too much and is never really listening

  14. Just shut the fuck up for a minute Mr Jones !!

  15. oops AJ's rant&ads video.wrong click.

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