Satanism in Hollywood & Media [Documentary]


An Amazing Documentary On Satanism In Hollywood & Media [Documentary] Illuminati Game “SECRET WORLDS”: How To Make A …


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  1. I'm so glad i'm LVCEFERIAN because, these are the most pathetic video's of this kind in the existence of entertainment.

  2. 999YORK says:

    The Powers of Hollywood: Jews + Homosexuals.

  3. tryna give a guy a fuckin heart attack?! volume was full blast on the headphones. yeesh…

  4. CreepyDoll says:

    The fact is hollywood stars are seldom happy or live a long happt life. Often they meet a tragic end.

  5. I worship my Lord and Master Satan

  6. I read a few comments so I want to make smth perfectly clear here, the author of the video made it perfectly clear that he exposes evil teachings in hollywood, then you get his christian bible point of view now……. you should look at these from the side and distinguish them, so wether you are a christian a satanist it doesnt matter get it? it doesnt matter what YOU believe in, what matters is what the people who have the power and image believe in because they have the power to put it on YOU! Get it? it is a free choice, so pls dont give your stupid puber arguments and appreciate the point of view you have been given and get the best out of it for you!

  7. I don't know what it is about this video or it's title maybe, but it's attracted the most uneducated people on earth to come comment below. Before you proceed below, just know that you have been warned of the idiocy below.

  8. mrmanny1 says:

    The irony of the video is it forgets that the satanic church and king helped right this bible and have hidden jesus true teachings and proven fact that bible has many things plagiarized from kemet belive in god and no one can mislead you the gospel of Thomas has truth to it as matches up with every truthful religion in the world from India

  9. Este tipo says:

    Offer your body to the spirits is an ancient ritual of posesion. It comes from ancient cultures such as Egyptian and Babilonic, even Helenic wich later become in Greek civilization. It doesnt mean is totally devilish because you give it to the spirit you call for, usually a know one. Can be good or bad it depends on your need and luck. To be posessed by a spirit can be fatal sometimes, they dont want to leave it and will fight for it. Egyptians used it for spiritual enlightment, spirits cant talk thats why they need a body. Priests oftenly called them to get knowledge about spiritual wisdom, to know about the future, to ask for help, and many more. Greek oracles were linked to this rituals in wich the body of a virgin was offered to the spirit in exchange for knowledge about the result of a conflict, to know the name of traitors, politics, economics, medicine, etc. Once you were posessed and came back, you keep linked to that spirit, it can come and go trying to posses you again, a painful price to pay but nobody but priest knew that. Spirits are desperate for a body, because there are not much "good ones" floating on this realm. Most are tricky and evil thats why they cant go ahead to the afterlife, its like a limbo were they are condemned. Good ones are still here because they need to end up something, they are not bad but can be if you disturb them enough. Sometimes the spirit take control forever wich means the owner dies but is the worst dead to have. Your soul is lost forever. Those bodies wich soul was lost and now are controlled by another spirit dont live long, it seems body cant live without its true soul.
    I dont know what kind of posession this hollywood stars suffer, but im sure they wont be the same person they were before and im really sorry for them.

    I wont tell my source or how I know this. Is not a joke is not a need for atention, just take it or leave it. You all live in a realm of lies and lies are all you see and belive. Truth is far beyond what you understand, dont be afraid because God is here aswell taking care of us. Just know this world is divided in dark and light ones. You decide wich part you want to be, only you. And my last words are… "Sometimes is better not to know, curiosity leaded man into the darkest realms and now we are paying the price for it".

  10. kevin weiler says:

    At 16:00 dude says u dont get that "something isnt right feeling from the bible" and i call bullshit on that. I do get that feeling because imo the bible is nothing more then stories and all religion is fake.So "that something isnt right" feeling? Yea i directly get that kinda feeling from religion. Religion is nothing but another form of control.

  11. Michael Hawk says:

    “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke [reason with] thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him. Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the Lord.”

  12. Michael Hawk says:

    Brothers and sisters, I say unto you, focus on that which is holy, that which you love and honor. Pay no mind to this nonsense about Satan and Hollywood, it's intended to fill you with hatred for your brothers and sisters. Love one another, regardless of their beliefs, regardless of their evil deeds. Practice love and forgiveness.

  13. Jack Nielsen says:

    See_The_Truth webs com
    ExposingCommunism com
    w w w Jewwatch com

    Satan back in the Golden Age was the Main Pagan God known as Enki or EA. Today as we speak, Lots of Misinformation has been said about every aspect of Life, Politics and Religion. I can tell you one thing about all this: Satan in Sanskrit means Truth, Satan in Hebrew means Adversary. Only the Enemy of Gentile Pagan Humanity Fears Truth. Our Pagan Gods are waiting for you to Advance Humanity from all the Lies put on ALL of us and become powerful like the Gods through Power Meditation and the Magnum Opus. Learn more at Joy of Satan "DOT" Org! :)

  14. somewhere6 says:

    Associating images from Babylon 5 with Roddenberry when he had nothing to do with that production is not exactly honest.

  15. mike D says:

    What a LOAD of BS!!!!!!

  16. There is no God there is no devil there is only gravity and what it can do to the hydrogen atom if given enough time, nimwit!!!!

  17. Mr. Mayhem says:

    the devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he does not exist.

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