Scariest Documentary UFO ever ! – Conspiritus Remake by Xendrius – Fixed / Full Version


UFO ( devil ) Quotes : Video by Xendrius : .com / user / Xendrius I had to load this in a proper and full …


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  1. ty brown says:

    this seems like a bunch of anti semitic nonsense.

  2. mxfighter69 says:


  3. nmcraven says:

    This secret society is just as bad is sororities and fraternities. Anybody that excludes other people are dorks and assholes.

  4. None of this validates the holograms they are pushing as UFO's.

  5. never wanna go to america again

    this is the reason why aliens dont talk to us if they wanted to harm us they wouldve done that already but i thing that they want to evil to stop

  6. When will they disclose this ufo stuff. Common sense would say we can't be the only living molecule in the universe. It's to big

  7. pascal c says:

    watch: The Area 51 Calller Returns! BREAKING! His Identity is REVEALED!

  8. Cathy Thorn says:

    The image on the disc. it's an impression made by a sound vibration…
    sound was used to lift heavy things and to counteract gravity. ..
    Soon, all the ancient knowledge will be relearned by the many. Alchemy and long forgotten Knowledge will bring us back to the enlightened time again. …
    … and we will not " speak" ,but will communicate once again.

  9. dosnt it make you think if these intelligent rulers, all satan worshipping , knowing satan is real, they are having real contact with entities.  we've been conditioned since we were kids about the big bad man wanting to take over the world, it sounds like a jokeplease dont dismiss, if satan is real, God is real, Jesus is real, this whole life is about who you are gonna choose, if you dont choose Jesus u r by default chosing satan, dont go for religion its satanic, its a personal relationship with Jesus, please ask him into your hearts, if u mean it he will show u the truth.  Its a bad bad world out there, n its gonna get worse.  Dont leave it til its too late.  Jesus loves he wants no-one to perish, please think about it. God bless you all xxx

  10. its only a few elite jws, majority of jews are the special people of God which is why they have through history had others tried to wipe them out, they will always be special, God has not forgotten them, the elite jews will rot in hell for worshipping satan. god bless xx

  11. Hassan Khan says:

    Bitch please, I came here for entertainment not religious philosophies.

  12. MrMarckeedee says:

    Not scary. Boring and rambles on and on about the same thing for two hours. Zzzzzzzzz

  13. So-called aliens = Nephilim
    Reason to target Jews & Christians = folks who can warn others of the danger
    Death to the Establishment, Death to Satanic Rule, Death to Wickedness, and Death before evil
    <3 May the GIVER of LIFE make a home in all our hearts <3
    and GOD bless jfk forever

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