Scary Landings For Planes During Storm Doris


Ahead of Storm Doris, which is expected to bring damaging winds and heavy rain across the UK, more than 10,000 airline passengers have had their travel plans wrecked. Dozens of flights for Thursday have been cancelled to and from Heathrow airport. The airport says: “Strong winds and poor weather forecast for February 23, related to Storm Doris, are expected to cause some flight delays and cancellations across the UK. “If you are due to travel, please check your flight status with your airline prior to arriving at the airport.” High winds are expected to reduce the usual arrivals rate at the UK’s busiest airport. With little resilience in the system, scores of short-haul flights have been cancelled to provide “firebreaks” and avoid widespread disruption taking hold. British Airways has grounded more than 50 flights. Domestic from Heathrow services to Manchester, Leeds/Bradford, Newcastle, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness and Belfast have been cancelled, with passengers rebooked on other flights. Dozens more BA flights to and from Europe have been cancelled, including two round-trips to Amsterdam, Munich and Istanbul.


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  1. Awesome video 🙂
    Liked & Subbed 😉
    Sub back?

  2. Rob Barry says:

    Since when is 23R an Easterly runway??

  3. I was on FI440 coming back from Reykjavik during the storm and it was genuinely terrifying. We looped around, got diverted multiple times and even declared a mid air fuel emergency. All whilst everyone was throwing up, bracing and screaming in the cabin.

  4. Great landing to the monarch pilot ! Go to the @thelondonreviewer for more storm Doris vids

  5. That commentary was dull and unnecessary

  6. Pilot Stuart says:

    British airways pilots are always the ones that make the go arounds yet pilots in the Flybe Dash 8 manages to land it perfectly.

  7. and they just call us glorified bus drivers!

  8. SpaceFire_ says:

    That's where the money is made!

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