Scenarios & Fallout: The Zionist Attack On Iran


From Lord Stirling


Now that the Iranian/Six Power talks have concluded with no breakthrough we can expect an Israeli attack on Iran at any time. We need to consider what will happen next.

Scenario 1 — The Israeli Air Force bombs the major Iranian nuclear sites. The destruction of the fully-fueled nuclear reactor causes massive deaths. Iran does nothing. This is the pre-school level thinking scenario and believe it or not, it is the scenario that is most likely covered by the corporate owned mainstream news media. If you believe this scenario it is likely you should also believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Scenario 2 — The Israeli Air Force bombs the major Iranian nuclear sites. Iran mines the Strait of Hormuz. It takes several weeks to several months to remove the advanced mines using the best mine sweeping technology available. The World’s economy, already in a depression, goes into total collapse. The economic depression becomes far worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. Early grade school level thinking.

Scenario 3 — Same as number 2 above but Iran fires some missiles on Israel, most are shot down by Israeli and American air defense systems, however some hit their targets and several thousand Israeli civilians are injured and a few hundred killed. Middle school level thinking.

Scenario 4 — The Israeli Air Force bombs the major Iranian nuclear sites. Iran mines the Strait of Hormuz. Iranian missiles and Syrian missiles and Hezbollah rockets and missiles rain down on Israel. After several days of back and forth missile and air attacks the UN Security Council establishes a truce. Thousands are killed in the attacks on Israel and many more in Syria, Lebanon and Iran (plus the large number killed by the destruction of the fully fueled nuclear power plant in Iran). The World’s economy is toast from the cutting of the Strait of Hormuz but eventually a type of peace returns and the economy gets better. Congratulations you have reached high school level thinking. Still not realistic but better.

Scenario 5 — The Israeli Air Force bombs the major Iranian nuclear sites using low yield nukes but claims that only conventional weapons were used. Deaths from the destruction of the nuclear sites, including the fully fueled nuclear power plant, run into the millions. Nuclear fallout spreads throughout the Middle East and SW/SE Asia and eventually over the Northern Hemisphere. Iran responds with a full MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force attack. Iranian missiles with radiological warheads, chemical warheads, advanced conventional warheads (fuel air explosive warheads with yields in the tactical nuke range), and some conventional warheads. Syrian missiles, equipped with similar warheads, also fly towards Israel.

The Hezbollah missile force, which is controlled by Iranian and Syrian officers, cuts loose with everything it has. This amounts to over 50,000 rockets and guided missiles, everything from large numbers of unguided Katyusha 122 mm artillery rockets with a 19 mile/30 km range and capable of delivering approximately 66 pounds/30 kg of warhead to longer range guided missiles that can and do hit all of Israel. Many of the 50,000+ Katyushas have simple ‘dumb’ conventional warheads but others, and most of the larger guided missiles, use chemical, or radiological (‘dirty bombs’), or FAE warheads and cause massive damage as a all-out effort to fire as many as possible, in as short of time as possible, is made.

The Syrians and Iranians fire a range of medium range guided missiles, mostly with advanced conventional/NBC (nuclear [radiological]/biological/chemical) warheads. The Iranians release the large Advanced Biological Warfare arsenal, that they have spent most of twenty years building up (first using former Soviet biowar scientists to jump-start their entry into the ‘poor man’s nuke’ genetically engineered biowar virus ‘game’), into Israel, select Arab nations, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and certain other EU/NATO nations. The 50+ different super-killer viruses are spread using ‘sleeper agents’ and use the population as vectors to spread the advanced biowar viruses. Total numbers killed in the target nations run into several hundred million.

The Israelis use neutron bombs (atomic bombs with a low blast effect but high short term radiation effect) on a large area of Lebanon and Palestine in an effort to ‘kill’ the launch sites and personal involved in the launches. The Israelis see most of their civilian population killed or seriously injured. Large areas of Israel are contaminated with long-term radiation by the radiological warheads of its enemies. Israel, using a combination of aircraft released weapons, ground-to-ground guided missiles, and sub lunched cruise missiles showers Iran and Syria with nuclear warheads from smaller yield weapons to high yield Hydrogen bombs.

Most Iranian and Syrian cities are totally destroyed with too few people left to bury the dead. Nuclear fallout spreads throughout the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. The Advanced Biological Warfare viruses continue to spread throughout the world, although the most stringent quarantine measures are put into place including total lock-downs of most cities and the issuance of RFID chips to buy or sell anything (especially food and medicine) and to pass military checkpoints (total martial law throughout most of the world).

Scenario 6 — Same as the above but Illumunati agents and Illumunati controlled governments arrange massive ‘terrorist’ strikes/bombings in India and Pakistan and China and in the Georgia area. A major sea incident takes place near Georgia with Russian naval forces. India and Pakistan and China engage in a major nuclear war destroying over a billion people’s lives and spreading truly massive amounts of nuclear fallout across the land. Russia and China release a barrage of ICBMs and SLBMs at what is left of Israel destroying all life there and in much of the Middle East. America and NATO and Russia and China engage in limited nuclear war when suddenly the return of Jesus Christ puts an end to what would be total destruction for the human race.

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20 Responses

  1. TheAZCowBoy says:

    Let’s face it, the cowardly Jews are most qualified at murdering Palestinian and Lebanese civilian men, women and children. Beyond that the IDF is a hapless union of religious cowards that still think in terms of Massada and little David (The only Jewish approved child, seriel killer’ that is allowed to throw rocks at the village thug – Goliath). Until the bankrupt US/NATO oil thieves and resusitated colonists decide that appeasing Israel is what the Knesset hyena’s want and move to accomodate them the only thing we’ll see coming from that 1/2 acre of Zionist hell will be “chutzpah’ powered caca and saber (((rattling))) by the kosher pig Natanyahu. Hurry up Ahmadinejad, get the BIG one and let’s work towards a Judenrein Middle East – (And why not the Wall Street banksters too?) or let the Bulgarians take care of them for a small fee.

  2. Jonny Flaucher says:

    Jesus Christ will karate chop all the nukes in half and shove them up borrack’s ass hole

  3. Harish Advani says:

    Seems that the ‘LUNATICS’ have finally taken over the asylum!

  4. fan0o says:

    End of history is so close and it is stated in quran that the true heir of holy land are the people who are obedient to God(Allah). The last hour is close. watch the lectures in context of hadees and quran here this is very true and most probably happen as described in lectures

  5. ISI says:

    I promise you mariann that Israel will be destroyed and will be perished from the earth. it will be a masskilling of zionist jews. because israel has no future. it is a cancer. than it will come rise of islam again from Pakistan,Afghanistan and Iran.

  6. Silkworm says:

    Hey, Pak Army and its fat ass generals are a total sell-out to US, so if you are thinking on this behalf that like good Muslims they would “ignore” the directives of their “Masters” and fight to save Iran is a stupid stupid stupid idea.

    BUT the crux of the matter is ISRAEL is in a hurry, they want to provoke such a situation that would eventually bring the DAJJAL i.e. ANTI-CHRIST. The Zionists also know that Jerusalem is the flashpoint.

    Why are they worried about the Nukes of Pakistan and Iran while Israelis nukes are being treated like veggies??? Of course, they want to start a WW-III are soon as possible.

  7. geoffrey says:

    I liked the bit about bioweapons in syria, that is where the chemical and biological weapons the un couldn’t find (like the nuclear ones they
    didn’t have a clue existed until saddams son in law told them where they could be found)are likely to have gone.
    They had more in common with their fellow baathists than Iran.
    Here is my scenario
    The regime in Iran becomes increasingly irrelevant, and looses control
    before feb 11, Mr Karoubi takes over as head of a caretaker government.
    I wrote this a couple of days ago you might find it amusing.

    Geoff’s thought for the day
    I found the attempt of the supreme leaders court fool to convince a western journalist, that
    there is no torture in Iran, lacked sincerity and conviction.
    Perhaps I might be allowed to offer your excellency some advice, to help when dealing with the
    western media, the next time you come out of hiding.
    To while away the hours in your presidential bunker, study the lies convincingly diseminated by
    the global warming brigade.

    Above all you must learn to

    1. Hysterically denounce your opponents as “Denyers” as often as possible.

    2. Try to keep a straight face and not let your eyes glaze over, when invoking the hidden Imam,
    and his imminent return.

    3 Don’t ever base your case on pseudo scientific facts that can’t be independently verified.

    In the case of the global warming nutters, it has been recently revealed to an astounded world
    that polar numbers are increasing rapidly, to the extent that 500 a year are being shot to keep
    their numbers down.
    That the Arctic ice sheet has been expanding for the last two years.
    Even the mighty UN (used by spies through out the world as a paymaster for their operatives, if
    you dont believe me ask the russians and chinese) has been forced to admit that all the ice in
    the himalayas will not have melted by 2035.
    If you manage to aviod all these pitfalls, it is quite likely you will remain as president for
    life, living off all that momey you and your pasdaran cronies stole from the Iraqi government.
    One last thing, don’t forget to check under the bed at night.
    Have a nice day trying to monitor all these emails.

  8. Salaams

    This is why why the Prophet appointed a successor. We cannot dream up options. Just like Iraq fell in the hands of the imperialists, as will Syria fall. And it has been written. Allow me to quote the Prophecy from Imam Ali so that you understand who falls and what is the turning point in this game.

    Sermon 137

    Before this Enjoiner of Good , matters will deteriorate till war will rage among you with full force, showing forth its teeth, with udders full of sweet milk but with a sour tip. Beware, it will be tomorrow and the morrow will come soon with things which you do not know.

    As if I see (him), he (the Enjoiner of Evil) is shouting in Syria (ash-Sham) and is extending his banners to the outskirts of Kufah. He is bent towards it like the biting of the she-camel. He has covered the ground with heads. His mouth is wide open and (the trampling of) his footsteps on the ground have become heavy. His advance is broad and his attacks are severe.

    By Allah, he will disperse you throughout the earth till only a few of you remain, like kohl in the eye. You will continue like this till the Arabs return to their sense.

    Key to this sermon are the following points

    1 – Enjoiner of Evil aka the Great Satan will control damascus and baghdad (US already controls Iraq)

    2 – He will cover grounds with heads

    3 – His tech ability is severe

    4 – Muslims will become refugees

    5 – Until the Arabs come to their senses meaning Arab League united on who is the enemy.


  9. Vendetta says:

    I don’t agree with qasim. I do not believe in some lines on a piece of paper called map. It has to be more meaningful then this and it is. We are all Muslim and should stand to protect each other. An attack such as this on Palestine, Lebanon and Syria (Iran is not a Muslim country) calls for action and Pakistan has the capability to wipe out Israel and it should do the exactly this. 5-6 Nuclear weapons are needed for Israel. I am sure we can spare that.

  10. david the beloved says:

    just stupid a** religious wet dreams from marianne, what is jesus a sado masochist? if jesus wants to come and “save” the jews why dosen’t jesus just come and save the jews now before a hundred million people who are neither jew, christian, nor muslim get killed

  11. qasim butt says:

    in case of iran and israel conflict, theres a very less likely hood of indo-pak ignition of nuclear war. the war between the israel and iran will first be contained at its best, the spill over effect will be initiated only in case if israel resorted to take out pakistan nuclear asset if and if after successfully getting disposed off the iranians weapons and putting them to knees.

    ignition of indo-pak-sino nuclear war becomes very less likelihood… country will going to pre-empt until pushed to protect the sovereignty.


  12. TwistedPredator says:

    Scenario 4 seems most likely.

    There is also scenario 8.

    Pakistan gives Iran nuclear-armed missiles capable of destroying all Israeli cities and/or Pakistani fighter jets under the disguise of Iranian jets carry nuclear warheads attack to Israel.

  13. Marianne says:

    There is another scenario 7.

    Iran attacks Israel, under the guise of a joint attack with Syria, Lebanon, and Russia. Israel in turn attacks back, thus fulfilling the prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39. Israel wins this conflict.

    More Jews return to Israel. Defeated area enemies plan for a 2nd future attack. The 2nd attack is the final war of Armageddon.

  14. cisco says:

    I dont know which one of above scenario is imminent but as far as war is concern that is 100% on its way

  15. Amna says:

    Stupidity at its best

  16. fatehkhan azhakzai says:

    welll…a different approach but scenario 5th and 6th are most likely to happen

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