Science Reveals 7 Catastrophic Events Could Wipe Out Humanity


Human Extinction – Sounds rather morbid, yes? Perhaps you’d rather not be bothered about such things and just go about your daily life. Say Hi to Mickey

Perhaps you’d like to be part of the Church of Critical Thinking that’s initiating a global movement to unite our species under one basic religion and cease the need for fossil fuels which would cause the collapse of the Military Industrial Complex. This would free up trillions of dollars to fund the scientific community which in theory, could prevent or at least predict the seven below listed scenarios that could wipe out our species.

No Conjecture, No Joke – According to the National Science Foundation, 5 of these events are not possible or probable, but CERTAIN to take place, and 2 will most likely happen sooner then later.

Catastrophic Events On Earth Will Increase According To Scientists


1. Celestial Body Impact Collision
This refers to astronomical objects, mostly asteroids, that will penetrate Earth’s atmosphere causing impact much like the Yucatan Chicxulub crater which most scientists agree is the smoking gun responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs and more than 70 percent of Earth’s living species 65 million years ago.

Asteroid 2004 MN4 was recently upgraded to “an unprecedented level of risk” of striking the planet on April 13, 2029. Hey if NASA claims it’s “worried”, we common folk should be petrified!

Orbit of a comet astroid that will hit the earth around 2029 to 2036

2. Gamma Ray Bursts
Some scientists claim this would be a long time coming, some claim it could happen tomorrow. Truth is, we really don’t know and need the funds to look at this more closely. The funds needed to build a B-2 bomber would be sufficient. There’s no debate, however, that these bad boys with the energy equivalent to tens of millions of hydrogen bombs could take us out and leave no trace.

Based on almost 30 years of observing gamma ray bursts, scientists now think that on average there is one gamma ray burst per day somewhere in the Universe. However, recent developments in the study of gamma ray bursts indicates that the true number of these events may be 500 times larger. This means that we only see one out of every 500 gamma ray bursts.

3. Black Holes that really Suck!
A black hole is an object predicted by general relativity, with a gravitational field so powerful that even electromagnetic radiation (such as light) cannot escape its pull. Black holes are sometimes listed among the most serious potential threats to Earth and humanity.

Fortunately, any black hole with mass that is large enough to cause problems for Earth would be detected well in advance, possibly many years before its arrival, by its effect on outer planets orbits. In our current primitive state, If one were to occur in our galaxy it would be bye bye baybee! Let’s hope it does not take an impending catastrophe for us to realize how powerful a species we could be if only we couldunite our species and use the power of collective thought that would catapult us 10 fold on the evolutionary scale of existence.

Black hole, right here!

4. Super Eruption Caldera Volcanoes
Dig down 25 miles into the earth and there is an undergound world of flowing Magma seeking to burst out so hostile you can’t even imagine. Several volcanoes around the world are capable of gigantic eruptions unlike anything witnessed in recorded history. Such eruptions would dwarf those of Mount St. Helens, Krakatoa, Pinatubo and anything else going back dozens of millennia. Super-eruptions are up to hundreds of times larger than these and happen about every 50,000 years or so.

Scientists theorize that as many as 20 near surface Caldera chambers, like in Yellowstone exsist and that explosions of this magnitude happen about every 600,000 years at Yellowstone” and it’s been about 620,000 since the last one.

Caldera Volcanoe, right here!

5. Global Warming – Perhaps You’ve Heard of this One.
Ok, here’s the deal. This planet has and will continue to go through extreme climate changes “with or without” us. Now, do humans contribute to this process? Oh Yeah. To the point of potentially destroying the Earth? No. Make no mistake, it would only destroy us. The planet will be just fine, eliminating us as a virus far before that could happen. The real problem is Over Population. This is a crucial factor that can determine the fate of our entire species. Please read our plans and ideas for solutions to this pesky quagmire HERE! (When you get a chance, of course)

This site, (not necessarily all members), is behind and fully endorses the “Global Warming” movement. It’s imperative we keep pushing for the development of “The Alternatives“, to help implement effective dethroning of the PCE, “Precious Crude Empire”. The PCE is a one third slice of the Industrial Military Complex Pie. (And, the mother of all parent companies)

Global warming, yeah right!

6. Nuclear and Biological Weapons
Stupid Homo Sapiens, yes we are. I get many objection queries about the reality of alien “extraterrestrial” lifeobserving our planet in the form of, “Well, if they’re out there watching us, why don’t they just come say hi?”. Obviously there are many logical answers, one of which is that we send up our fighters “hot” when ever they’re scrambled for intercept. (It happens all the time, trust me). This of course would be perceived as a hostile intent. (Shoot first ask questions later).

Then of course we paranoid humans have created enough “WMD’s” to destroy all life as we know it hundreds of times over. That might be seen as rather redundant to a more advanced species, donchathink? Hey, it’s no coincidence that wave after wave of sightings consisting of all size, shape and types of UFO’s happend right after we started playing with mister atom.

Let’s see, out first Nuke tests were in New Mexico, 1945/46. Does Roswell 1947 ring a bell? Ken Arnold, the man responsible for creating the term “flying saucers” had his experience that very same year. I’m sure the word quickly spread through out the intergalactic community that the stupid humans inhabiting that small watery planet in the milky way are now playing with atomic toys and need to be kept an eye on, huh?

Isn’t it time that the Homo Sapien tribe band together as citizens of earth and dismantle every type of WMD once and for all so we might have a fighting chance of being accepted into the cosmic galactic community?

Weapons of mass destruction, right here!

7. Technological Rise of the Machines
Do you realize the capacity of the micro chip increases by the power of two squared every week! If you’re a mathmatician, you know what kind of numbers we’re talking about here. Make no mistake, if you think “The Terminator” or “2001 A Space Odyssey” scenarios are just science fiction, you’d be sadly mistaking.

Our brains have the capacity of performing billions of data transfer calculations per second. We currently are at about 3000. If A-I, which now kicks H-I butt, tech goes unregulated, we better hope it never considers Mankind a threat. Hey, don’t take my word for it! There’s tons of data on the subject that might just freak you out.

Check out our critical thinking tutorial, and put those skills to work! Do the research and cross referencing to draw your own conclusions.

8. 2012 Return of Planet X aka Nibiru
Huh? Hey Wait! We thought there were only seven scientifically validated doomsday scenarios? What the hell is this Planet X bullshit? Oh, well, this would be a scenario hypothisized by the Demi-God Grand Whimsical PooBah Wizard, Founder of the CCT movement and your host of this website, yours truly. Basically the result and summations concluded from my many years of research into ancient civilization mythologies which I now can definitively prove are not myths at all, but the true reality of human history.

I’ve solved the missing link debate by discovering the true orgins of Homo Sapiens. (Science can thank me later). To make this work, I’ve also had to prove or disprove the exsistence of God, and define how or if a God, or perhaps multiple Gods, could be responsible for our Creation. The results should make both evolution and creationism proponets happy because they’re both half right and can now find common ground. What’s really groovy is that all the data in the field of quantum physics is currently heading down a path that backs me up.

Organized Religion, and the role it’s played in human development is also a focus of my work and can now start assimilating into my new and progressive religion. I show how and why religion was implemented, who the orginal prophets were and why they were deployed, and provide a timeline of human history and events that’s simple to grasp and understand.

Planet X comes around our solar system every 2000 years and is on a 4000 year eliptcal elongated orbit of our SunThe Year 2012 will be a turning point in human development. I’ve established a link in astronomical mathmatic equations that corroborates what most all B.C. human cultures and two greatest civilizations, the Mayan Empire and the Sumerians have told us regarding the orgins of humanity, and return of the Gods that created us. If this seems interesting to you, and you’d like to help spread the word, we’d love to have ya!

Try our 5 levels of Zen for a more clear picture of what we’re all about. Use the critical thinking skills we promote to help guide you. Our religion is all science based and requires no faith or donations, or no long gibberish preaching sessions from a book of fairy tales distorted and formulated my man (Roman Empire) to control and tax the masses.

Our religious doctrine makes complete sense, is easy to understand and is a reflection of the simple original teachings and principles that founded the major world religions before they were manipulated and corrupted my good old Mankind. The one exception is Hindu/Buddahism, the only world religion that got it correct and still practices the orginal ideals.

We’re basically a watered down version and totally concur with the basic principles of balance in all things. It’s very simple: Just Be Kind, Dammit!



Quran and 2012: Evidence Hints At Event Types and Locations of 2012 Catastrophe

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  1. Boyd Cassie says:

    I spent a few harrowing moments today wondering if the rapture had already happened. Quite unsettling. It made me realise we are only days from it happening. It is 3.5 years since the main Christchurch earthquake and I believe the Alps quake is only hours from happening. i.e. tomorrow. Those with foresight will have supplies already hopefully. Same in America where Yellowstone has been melting the road surface. Such events would prove quite merciful being that they may make people realise the rapture truly is days away. Am pretty sure I made my last long trip in the car a fortnight earlier although filling the car is not a bad idea. All the issues on Earth are not even important compared with having asked God for His free gift of forgiveness and salvation. Believing in and confessing Jesus as your Lord and Saviour is the best possible decision you can make in life. There is no other name under Heaven with which we can be saved. It is astounding and real. It would be greatly appreciated if you would share these words with others.

  2. Non of it will be it because thats the fun with non-expected. There might be a bacteria tomorrow killing all greedy people and we are 90% less …..finally

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