Scientology (Anti-Christ Illuminati Cult) : Humans Growing Together


Scientology Is One Of The Devil’s Secret. The Scientology Society Is An Extremely Controlled Brainwashing System. Scientology Is A Tool Of The Anti-Christ. There Is A Connection Between Celebrities, Scientology, The Illuminati, The Media, Satanism, The Devil & Other Satanic Entities. The Members Of The Church Of Scientology Are Being Lied To, Manipulated, Cheated Out Of Money (It Costs Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars & 7-8 Years To Get To The Top Levels) & Brainwashed. They Are True Mental Slaves. It All Starts Out Good, But It Is A Ladder To Evil. I Believe Scientology Is A Piece Of The Anti-Christ & The Anti-Christ’s Plan To Imitate GOD. There Is A Lot Of Power In Scientology, But It Is False Power. GOD Is The True Power. The Church Of Scientology Has An Alliance With Police, Politics, Banks, Corporations, The Elite, The Illuminati, Satan / The Devil, The Mainstream Media, Former Presidents, Hollywood, The Music Industry, As Well As Major News Networks. I Believe The CIA Has A Connection Here To, By Leaking Secret Information, Tools & Surveillance. There Is Most Likely A Connection Between WikiLeak’s Vault 7, Scientology, The Illuminati, Satanists, Devil Worshippers & So Called Atheists. Scientology Is A Satanic, Illuminati, Anti-Christ, & Truly Evil Cult. They Will Use Their Tactics To Discredit Me & Make Me Look Like A Crazy Bigot, But The Truth Will Always Over Power Their Lies. Only A Fool, A Child, Or People At A Very Low Point In Their Lives Could Be Tricked Into Signing The Sea Org’s Billion Year Contract. Please Do Your OWN Research About This Cult, I Pray They Will Never Fool Any Of Us. The Secrets Of Scientology Will Be Exposed, Please Watch A Documentary Exposing The Truth. Science Will NEVER Defeat GOD. I Hope You Enjoy This Episode Of Humans Growing Together.

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Episode #54 Of The Humans Growing Together Series By Ayman Elgadi. Filmed & Edited By Mr. Short Films
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