Secrets Behind Illuminati Symbolism! How It Works!



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  1. MVPappas1 says:

    great compilation of all these docu- films I have seen, really narrows it down to the message you are trying to get out to people. God Bless and keep you and your family, each day is escalating especially with that pope addressing congress in September keep your eyes on the jesuit pope, the jesuit vatican is babylon that has been running the whole world

  2. oldschool says:

    Your doing the same thing. Brief flashes of their doings. But thanks. 

  3. cali524 says:

    Think I saw this before N68 a while back…still good to see some of this again…reminds me there is so much deception out there way more than we ever know!

  4. Awesome work my friend…A lot of information in this video leading to The New World Order…All satanic….Thank-you for making this video as it is informative and a reminder of this world we all live in today…
    Take Care and God Bless You,
    Miss Paula

  5. rende3800 says:

    "SIGNS and SYMBOLS rule the world, not RULES nor LAWS." — Confucius…

  6. Your human body is a symbol and you were molded into human shape like water and became one with it. 'Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless. Like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. Put water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend'. – Bruce Lee.

  7. Michaelp52 says:

    Great job! Just amazing information! 

  8. @ 47:00  How come they haven't wacked this guy if he's a legit. whistle blower?

  9. shelly arkon says:

    If you have time, watch this awesome video!

  10. The Illuminati have not existed since 1789

  11. supes gal says:

    My question is, why or how did Doc get away with quitting the Illuminati, without being sacrificed? I found this video to be quite interesting.

  12. Yes I know it all because I work for them. muahahahaa!!!

  13. Subliminal spell casting on the interdemensional spiritual plane that unless your aware of, you give into unknowingly. These people are some sneaky bastards and they know what their doing is evil and dark matters! Thanks for sharing. Keep good thoughts in your astral back yard and NEVER fear the sand man because he likes it.

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