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  1. Thank you for sharing this wisdom .

  2. Look for the third 3 and it will become clear!

  3. was it only or after 20-30 mins or so you think
    -So what?

  4. Dan Irish says:

    You shouldn't be collecting ad revenue from this without giving credit to the creator.

  5. Mulish says:

    Earth NOT a GLOBE .

  6. what secret obsession is shared by me

    farting in boxes and giving them to friends…

  7. dajowira says:

    that saying in the the twentieth century where if you were boring people would call you a square, like 'don't be a square'. Could that have something to do with the materiality and sensuality of the modern era?

  8. This has been mind blowing! THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK

  9. Fixit Fast says:

    MY TITLE FOR THIS video: "The Symbols of Control of the "Fallen Ones the 1/3 thee 33.333%…" the fallen ones mated with the daughters of men, their off spring were giants with 6 fingers and six toes. man has 5, hence 6/5 six OVER five. Thee fallen ones taught man these things,
    we were much closer to the nature of creation in the past then we are in the fog of today. and the Fallen ones mined the earth with man as their slaves and it is that way today. However man is waking and who knows what is around the 4th corner.
    THANKS FOR THE INSIGHT no one is separate, all is one, connected it all is. THERE IS MORE TO KNOW AND IT SETS US FREE. the compass is a divider, and the square is the rule, the G is gold that we mined, so it is divide and rule to get the gold.

  10. Fil Tonks says:

    The saying: Thirteen, unlucky for some means, that 13 is lucky for the Freemasons, and unlucky for the rest of us.

  11. Lake House says:

    I wouldn't call anyone wise that thinks the Earth is flat. What conspiracy theory doesn't " sound " plausible? One of the biggest problems with our Society is that people are so fast to believe without doing their own research. People hear something and they "choose" to believe it and just like that they're convinced. Don't you all realize how big EARTH is compared to us????
    The earth is a sphere but not a perfect sphere. Think of blowing up a pool table Ball to the size of the earth and tell me that you can't see any curvatures when you look 5 or 10 or 20 miles straight out. You can't see a damn curve because the earth is that fucking big! Come on people think…don't just fall for anything.
    I will admit that some of these theories that were made sounded pretty good but your common sense should tell you otherwise. I watched this for entertainment and so should you.

    Focus on the fact that you can create the reality which you live in by strengthening your inner self. This process is far more rewarding than wasting your time on bullshit theories and beliefs. Email if you want to know more about what YOU are capable of because if this lame shit " blows " your mind you probably will lose it for a real once you realize a real hidden secret that has something to do with all of us.

    You are capable of so much and the fact is you just don't know it. Now that is something to be concerned about.

    Feel free to ask any questions

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