Secrets Of Quantum Physics – Quantum Biology Theory (Documentary)


In this Quantum Physics video documentary, we are going to take you through a journey where you can understand the secrets of the quantum physics and how …


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  1. Does quantum physics really exist? or is it something we have invented to explain the world as we see it, when infact the universe is probably just a big blob of energy! er what am i saying! i must get out more! ahaa! yes! ta! i enjoy!!

  2. Are there any more detailed, not for dummies, documentaries on Quantum Mechanics?

  3. Gene Thaxton says:

    I found this most intriguing. As my professional goals are to use stem cells to treat, prevent, and cure bipolar and schizophrenia this may have pertinent influence in achieving these goals. I will be following their progress more closely.

  4. It's wise to combine quantum functions with molecular biology. But for this working relations, life's diversity becomes immosibility. Quantum functions must play a role in creation. It's weirded information sharing system, I believe, helps the universe in its creative pursuits.

  5. I love both physics and biology. Based on the amazing finds he is sharing it seems like a field I will be interested in.

  6. After decades of scoffing from the old scientists on the role of QM in organisms (esp the brain), this will truly be the dawn of a new era of understanding nature.

  7. There is no quantum biology theory.
    Ofcourse you can try to explain some biological phenomena you don't understand using the quantum theory.
    But don't tell me that entangled particles communicate.
    Entanglement can not be used to transfer information instantaneously.

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