Secrets of World War I (3 of 5)



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  1. Not if you Americunts join the war. 🙂

  2. Americans fighting and dying for England, the founding fathers must have been rolling in their graves!

  3. tallpaul881 says:

    Q: WTF business was it of ours, that a sawdust Caesar 'archduke' was assassinated? A: NONE.

  4. I am British and I found the fact that when America was first formed the British were there number one enemies but later in the 1900s they became like best buddies strange isn't but yet I think for the best for we the us and the uk are nearly identical except for certain areas and reasonably different governments so I will say it was nice of the us to help us but America really got there time to shine in world war two.

  5. They say we are cousins, through and through, therefore we hardly think about you the way that you do. This is sad but it is true, but it doesn't mean that we don't care, what happens to you. Sometimes we just need a slap in the face to wake us up, to reciprocate.

  6. thats nice to know.

  7. Martyn says:

    The founding farthers of the USA were of British extraction, also the USA was not fighting for england.

  8. TrollingSSoH says:

    All Americans are originally from European countries including Italy, Ireland and Germany -_-"

  9. i like this this show but what a terrible rug on this guys head!

  10. The reasoning behind this message really is completely devoid of logic.

  11. that was to answer a person who was rants on the usa and Britain pay no attention to it really.

  12. The "K"/"k" is German.

  13. "Don't forget it was Germany who was for territorial expansion, not Britain or France." Are u completely mind-handicapped?! ALL England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria-Hungary, Russia, America, Japan had expansionistic/imperialistic aims! ALL take a partial WW1 liability!

  14. hiding zeus says:

    Yes, but we weren't writing in German but rather English.

  15. ascoop22 says:

    Have you not ever heard of the British Empire? Britain and France already had territory that covered the globe. Those two were not trying to expand in1914. Is there something wrong with expansionist imperialist aims? It has always been part of human history and is why so many countries exist today.

  16. Steve Konrad says:

    You British are very good at twisting the truth ….I'll give you that.

  17. what truth did I twist or I said that first the usa and the uk were enemies but over time we became allies.

  18. the German military junta was constructed as a take no prisoners approach to the rest of the world, much as we were when we came to the New World.  Our accidental & intentional genocide of the Native Americans is still the largest in recorded history.    At some point, u have to change the nature of how groups interact with each other.  Weapons technology has advanced to the point that those w/little or no training can be highly destructive of capital formed thru generations of hard work.  A thousand to build, a dozen to destroy. 

  19. Owen Ent says:

    The sheer arrogance of the Americans is blatantly obvious in all major wars of history.

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