Selling Your Soul: What Does It Really Mean?


Former voo-doo/witchcraft master share his story about the devil tempting him to “sell his soul.” Rihanna ranks higher than Beyonce & Jay-Z… see how. Chris Brown better watch out! This video was made for educational purposes only, and is protected under Section 107 of The “Fair Use” Act Copyright Law. ~Mishayah


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  1. Hulo Loop says:

    OMG HE IS SO RIGHT IT HAPPEN THE SAME THING TO me i almost said yes i been thinking about my past alot til someone said dont do it so i said no thx im good and i didnt know if u sign the contract u will die in the 10 or 20 years but why the demons will go after u is it because they want u in hell or something i dont understand. ?

  2. God is far bigger and stronger than Satan. As long as you're among the living, you have a chance to escape the fires of Hell.

  3. Remember Satan is a "fallen" Angel.

  4. Taka endisa says:

    by the devil promising Jesus dominion over kingdoms it means those in power have agreed with the devil

  5. lawrence lee says:

    maybe that's why chris brown beat her up..lls not funny but kinda

  6. Could you be a successful, christian business man who gives to the poor, gives to the basket at church, and still go to heaven? I am young and am very confused.
    Jesus Christ is my lord and saviour.

  7. just look how miserable Chris Brown is nowadays. and his music is falling off.. evil witch Rhianna. Long as you give in to God they can't touch you

  8. Also they must kill children and babies, Rape children, having group sex, being gay, eating poop!!!

  9. Ray Love says:

    Forgive me Lord for all my sins!!And give me the strength to break free from these demons addictions that lead me away from your grace!Give me the strength to breakfree completely in Jesus's name I pray Amen!!

    Follow the light and break away from the darkness!!May God Bless all of you!!Amen!?

  10. masshuu gab says:

    I dont know why people need to achieve Fame Power and Money … its better to live with normal life with your Godloving-Family.

  11. Drewtiboo 00 says:

    That little ant voice you heard telling you not to do it Mister Sir Curtis, was the holy spirit warning you

  12. they are humans and made a mistake,may GOD bring light for those who are lost in the dark.and keep us strong and faithful in JESUS NAME

  13. swErdtwErK says:

    omg you could do this in undertale

  14. jackson7201 says:

    They Traded there souls for riches, fools

  15. Greg H says:

    I hate when someone says,"I know people who did this" and then won't say who they are.

  16. Ok say this is true,why can't Satan just take your soul? and how did this guy actually get into a situation were he was talking to the spirit?

  17. Can someone plz answer me? What if you are famous and you go to church? And love God? And make church songs?

  18. Rick Hamby says:

    if you don't choose Jesus Christ, satan already has your soul, he don't need no stinkin contract

  19. This is absolutely true. We don't need fame, or money, or anything. God can give it to us alone. God is God, don't people get it? The 3 letter word is significant, but many false Gods out there belittle the one true God, who created all of us. We need to repent and serve God, and praise his son Jesus. No one goes to the father but through Jesus. We need him. We need to be strong and courageous in these times. This is very serious.

  20. Unicorn Love says:

    Oh Jesus Please Save My Soul. God Please PLEASE SAVE ME !!

  21. Thank you a lot for sharing this video with us. It will help many others to open their eyes and see the truth to greatly accept it.

    Please viewers, don't forget to share this video to your family and friends.

    The world is not what it seems to be!!!

  22. oZero says:

    Don't understand why people call it selling your soul its called a pact with a demon and it doesnt have to be your soul you offer…

  23. Sidney Young says:

    So either sell your soul to the devil and be famous, have riches, and make other people happy? Or give your soul to Jesus's Father and have a very low chance at making it big, having tons of money and other stuff? Wtf!

  24. I thought about selling my soul for money …but decided he'll no because there's family I love it's not worth it.

  25. So now if someone is richer, sings better, has a better life than you according to cristians they sold their soul to the devil

  26. I concur with M Rodriquez, it was very informative. thank you much and God bless you.

  27. not everyone who is famous or rich is in satanism. many are, but "ALL" no chance

  28. Jake Mercer says:

    Well thank God for Jesus Christ! Thank God for His Word!

  29. 😀 😀 😀 Rihanna 😀 😀 :D!!!! Well if she is so good why am I not a fan of her music???? I thought she can attract everybody and is 5th degree Illuminati!!!! 😀 😀 😀 People, stop with the nonsense and the BS!!!! Seriously take your pills!!!! 🙂

  30. The "Self" is the body: the thorax, the arms, the hands, the legs, the feet, the skeleton, the organs. The pronoun, 'I,' is the analogue (analogy) used to describe the "Self:" that which is like the "Self," but not in actuality; the 'ego,' and it is insatiable in its gathering of 'identity.'

    "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." (Matthew 6:24)

  31. Benz Quizon says:

    I had a shitty life from the day I was born, if the opportunity arises I would gladly sell my soul to the demon, god will never answer any of my prayers and would prefer to see me suffer, thats why I would rather get all the things I desire before I die

  32. jason royale says:

    anyone who would sell their soul for approx. 40 years of fame/money/power is a short sighted fool, and deserves the consequences of such a stupid decision.

  33. All sales are final and no refunds

  34. Benyam Tekle says:

    Jesus is Lord.
    darkness is real. people actually sell their soul for rich & fame.

    Repent your sins in Jesus Name and be saved from everlasting Hell.

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