September 23 2015 Soon AFTER World War 3 Comet Nuclear Strike end of age then Mark of Beast


The end of it is very handy .



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  1. Its written that Jesus at his return…" He will destroy those who are destroying the world". My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, only Satan comes to kill steal and destroy! In the Book of Revelations (Bible) its written, "You will be judged for every word that came out your mouth" Are you understanding? What if what's written is true and our life of sin was actually paid for on the cross and that we through Christ Jesus stand before God pure holy and blameless? Wouldn't that be s shame that we all failed to believe and obey what's written but rather, like our fathers, listened to men's traditions? Example: GOD COMMANDED US, IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, NOT TO KNOW GOOD OR EVIL TO NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO IT OR WE WOULD BE DEAD TO HIM" knowing that its written, "whom you obey is your lord" Are we deceived when we call God our God knowing that we DISOBEY his command from the beginning? YES! To make things worse Jesus came telling us to live a life not knowing good or evil when he COMMANDED us to return evil with kindness, do not judge or condemn, etc.. (Luke 6:27) but like God we DONT OBEY JESUS but yet we CALL HIM LORD? Is this deception? YES! And if you're about to be judged you had better consider what you just read……John Sustaita watch my YouTube videos for more

  2. Rolandx Baa says:

    Well… We are fucked.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the out come. but I'm not getting my hopes up. might make things more interesting if it does kick off.

  4. applepitz says:

    God Bless you brother… stay STRONG in the Lord and don't let ANYONE sway that wonderful faith you have… I feel God in your words and I encourage you to continue your ministry… Praise Jesus… Amen

  5. CMON PEOPLE thsmis a 10000000 time they say that 2012 big eplosion, tats the day when some one farted hard
    so why should i believe this shit

  6. James Cruz says:

    thanks a lot! Now I understand!

  7. Datan0de says:

    Okay, it's 9/23/2015. No surprise, it's just another ordinary day. Yet another failed doomsday prediction to throw into the pile.

  8. yaoiboy777 says:

    Wow. Another person who doesn't understand science and thinks blind faith is the answer. Educate yourselves people

  9. DJ Waffles says:

    Ummm.. They said something was gonna happen on 23 september and 24 september and nothing happend so another fail prediction

  10. well its September 24, 2015, are you done looking like a fool? You people need to be locked up in the Asylum unit.

  11. I hope someone close to this man can get him checked into a hospital and on meds.

  12. PC160 says:

    Well, you just lost all credibility, so why even continue to post anything? You're a hoax, a loser, a BSer, a fake, a fraud, a joke. Go home, and don't tell anyone anything, ever again.

  13. CJ99 W says:

    Now the dates come n gone we'll hopefully see the end of your deliberate stupidity. Yeah not a damn thing happened except we now have undeniable proof you lied your ass off. I'm not stupid enough to say when life will end or how, or even where I'm going afterwards. 1 thing I can say for sure is I won't be spending that time with lying jackasses like you.

  14. I think your one of those people who read a book about the end of the world and i gotta admit their pretty dumb as shit like heres this a comet is gonna hit in september 23-24 and now is october how fucking dum are these people gonna get like SEAREOSLY COME ONE TRY TO RAISE YOR IQ

  15. this man i bet is probbly on cocane lake his vid is on sep now its on oct this guy should get meds

  16. i think he skipped preschool and on

  17. is it here you douche

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