SHADE the Motion Picture


Shade exposes the true power structure embedded in our global reality, showing the true controllers their plans to Geo-engineer our planet and control the …


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  1. Seek truth says:

    Wish alex jones was not a part of this movie!

  2. uprite88 says:

    B…ill gates.

  3. Rothschild & Rockefeller Slaves world wide.

  4. Good for them 😉 Hello Satan ….good luck with that

  5. onenotused says:

    I was enjoying this….but then that lying no good end of the world slimey tin foil mad hatter Alex disinfo Jones came onto the screen so naturally one wonders if anything will be credible now. That guy just taints an otherwise great documentry and will probably end up causing many thumbs down unsubs : ( 

  6. Kia Sophia says:

    bunch of fame whores and libtards. just add camera crews and you get insta-tards. The more money you have, the stupider you get. It seems that money kills brain cells.

  7. Kia Sophia says:

    It's more horrifying than zombies….. The elites ARE the zombies… and discrimintating zombies like to gnosh on well nourished, THINKING brains.. so if you can THINK for yourself, you better watch out because the zombies are coming for YOU!

  8. Patrick Joly says:

    i am no sceptic be sure of that but if médias,grocultures peoples,gouvernements and more are are controlled by money and power for more than decades…….these peoples can do so much to shut down so whaterver they whant event change wheather whitout any problems do you think just a documentory could change all that???? I think there only one thing that can help ans some sceptics will approuve Aliens….the only one can reverse those persons that cant be control by them lollll or a war but nobody hope that!

  9. Joe Mangle says:

    The CFR has their own youtube channel when will Bilderberg have one?

  10. alex jones is to waking up to truth what masturbation is to having real sex

  11. pope400 says:

    But they didn't say anything about black helicopters!!

  12. pope400 says:

    Oh God. Listen, bombard news stations and your senator's offices with questions. Tell us about chemtrails, tell us about Bilderberg, etc. The concepts aren't crazy, the conspiracy theories that come after are what turns people away from dialogue. "Tell us about Bilderberg" is better than "tell us about Bilderberg and how they're trying to take over the world".

  13. John just shut up and drink the coolaid

  14. i love you alex. love you , God bless you

  15. "Civil Disturbance Unit"? Well; doesn't that speak volumes!!! To think that the masses have absolutely no idea what's coming down! I imagine that, if they did, they STILL wouldn't care…ZOMBIE NATION!

  16. It's not bullshit….very real,,,chemtrail planes based in Gaum and other places have been spraying trees jungles, islands and northern hemisphere everywhere, in a variety of experiments. Includes biological drops, even on Kaua'i and state of Hawaii, in 09'.

  17. pisces3750 says:

    All the Sweet Talk & I See No Change! Only More Control over Everyone on this Planet!
    Action is Required….. Dismantle the Corrupt System!

  18. which of our presidential candidates are not in the bildeberg group?

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