Sheikh Imran Hosein – ISIS – Paris Attacks – NATO – Syria – Russia – World War 3


This video was published in October by Sheikh Imran Hosein who warned that ISIS is a western Zionist organization created in order to carry out their dirty …


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  1. Marco Cota says:

    This is the TRUTH and Finally someone is HONEST enough to come forward with the absolute TRUTH> THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Mickey Mouse says:

    wahhabism is more Jewish then Bar Mitswa :))…Saudi = Jews in a robe

  3. jojojeep1 says:

    Israel can rule the world because SHE belongs to the living  GOD,  and JESUS will rule out of Jerusalem for a 1,000 year's, just my view point , you will allow me to have my view point right ? , I hate war and I wish we never had to have it. peace be on to all mankind.

  4. only for one year ? NATO? ……….. NATO? seriously? NATO is comprised of many, many nations………… and last i saw only a few, ……. very few nations, ( at least the ones who have the bravery and guts and intestinal fortitude to even wage a war, it actually takes courage , honor and duty to take up an attitude to PROTECT something with your only one life…….) that we go up against this hell spawn from Lucifer, Satan himself possesses these Islamic devils…….. most disgusting people of the whole earth……..who are threaded upon by the feet of pigs……in the wallow of pig feces's……Only one thing will happen with this war, ISIS will have no place to hide, Syria will be melted down to glass all of its grains of sand to glass and the people will fill in the holes where the glass is so far in between. This is only the truth. and the truth will let you free.

  5. Good video. There's so much other bullshit out there

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