Sherlock Holmes Movie and Our Dajjali "New Age Religion"


By Paul A Drockton M.A.

I went and saw “Sherlock Holmes”, Hollywood’s latest  New Age Propaganda.  I have been a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle since childhood (the author of the original series), and I doubt he would even recognize the movie or its hero. Yes, I will admit I enjoyed the movie. It was full of twists and blind alleys. The ending was also unpredictable for most. Yet, as usual, Hollywood is not interested in just entertaining. They want to Propagandize us into accepting the values and philosophy of their coming “New-Age Religion”.

In the movie, Sherlock Holmes is pitted against an arch-nemesis that is based on Aleister Crowley (states the author of the film script (Source)), who called himself “The Beast 666”. Crowley is most noted as a practitioner of “Sex Magick” and his belief was that during the sexual act, one could find “enlightenment”. He was a homosexual, heterosexual and who knows what else-sexual.
Like all great Satanic lies, this one comes with a grain of truth. The Apostle Paul wrote that having sex with a “harlot” was an abomination becausethe two bodies become one. I believe that there is a “spiritual exchange” of understanding that takes place with a man and a woman during intercourse.
An exchange of experience if you will. When a child is conceived there is also a spiritual union with the heavens that can only be described as sacred.
These experiences are the result of a man and woman working together to bring forth new life. They cannot be experienced by homosexuals, sexual deviants, pedophiles or others that bring forth death, which is the opposite of life, through sexual trauma. All that remains to these people is darkness and confusion.
Crowley was also a Gnostic, which I have discussed in my previous articles. He wrote the Mass for the “Catholic Gnostic Church”. I include the following, written by Crowley as the Gnostic Creed:
“The text of the Creed is as follows:

1. I believe in one secret and ineffable LORD; and in one Star in the Company of Stars of whose fire we are created, and to which we shall return; and in one Father of Life, Mystery of Mystery, in His name CHAOS, the sole vice-regent of the Sun upon the Earth; and in one Air the nourisher of all that breathes.

2. And I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten, and  wherein they shall rest, Mystery of Mystery, in Her name BABALON.

3. And I believe in the Serpent and the Lion, Mystery of Mystery, in His name BAPHOMET.

4. And I believe in one Gnostic and Catholic Church of Light, Life, Love and Liberty, the Word of whose Law  is THELEMA.

5. And I believe in the communion of Saints.

6. And, forasmuch as meat and drink are transmuted in us daily into spiritual substance, I believe in the Miracle of the Mass.

7. And I confess one Baptism of Wisdom whereby we accomplish the Miracle of Incarnation.

8. And I confess my life one, individual, and eternal that was, and is, and is to come.


As a practitioner of Sex Magick, Crowley also worshipped Isis or Semiramus (Nimrod/Baal’s queen). This is Babylon, Semiramus the great whore and founder of sex magick. Also called the “Queen of Heaven”, the Great Intercessor/Bride of  Lucifer. She is known as Isis (Egypt), Venus (Rome), Aphrodite (Greece). Some would say that worship of the Virgin Mary as heavenly intercessor traces back to these pagan practices as it has no Biblical reference.

Notice that Crowley professes a faith in “One Star in a Company of Stars”. This is Lucifer and his ascendant masters. According to the Illuminati, they are “Logos” or Aether, the big mass of light/energy from which all men originated and all men shall return. A second reference to Lucifer is the sole vice-regent of the “Sun Upon the Earth”.  This has reference to Nimrod/Baal, also known as Osiris and his son Horus in Egypt.

CHAOS has reference to Satan, the Gnostic “Demi-Urge”. Crowley expresses  his belief and worship of this deity as well. He is also known as Saturn (Romans), Set (Egypt). The Illuminati sacrifice human lives to Satan, and provide host bodies for his followers through “trauma based programming”.

Baphomet is a Knight’s Templar Deity. Some claimed it was the head of John the Baptist. Satanists today worship the symbol of a Goat’s head in the Pentagram (6 pointed star).

In the end of Sherlock Holmes, “Crowley” is destroyed and exposed as a fraud and false usurper of the Secret Society then governing England. Sherlock Holmes (Lucifer), the man of wisdom and undoubtedly “the brightest star among stars” destroys “Crowley”. Just like Lucifer will one day destroy Satan when he establishes his “golden age of reason”, governed by his Philosopher Kings.

Not only are these people murderous pedophiles. They are strongly delusional, murderous pedophiles.

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3 Responses

  1. Dizzy Borden says:

    oh.. and for the record.. it’s Babalon, not Babylon. Babalon is the Isis/Astarte/Ishtar archetype Crowley worked with. (He didn’t worship her, he only worshiped himself) Babylon is an ancient city state. *rolls eyes*

  2. Dizzy Borden says:

    Wow, just… wow.. I don’t even know where to begin.

    First of all, if you’ve indeed been a fan of Doyle since childhood, then you know that at worst Doyle wouldn’t care if they fiddled with Holmes’s character, and at best would be delighted in the change. He really rather disliked Holmes. He created him, as a tribute /parody of a professor he had a contentious relationship in school. He only intended to write one Holmes story, when he discovered he was a popular character with high profit potential.

    Even on the off chance that this were some sort of Hollywood propaganda.. don’t forget that Doyle himself, was a Spiritist. I don’t think he’d care. (of course, if you’re actually a fan, and not just someone who happened to enjoy the idea of the books, you also already know this)

    Regarding Crowley.. he was not a Satanist, he was a Thelemite. Thelema has little to do with either new age or Satanism. Crowley only chose the designation “The Beast” half in jest and half to drum up buzz. This is not a defense of Thelema, mind you, i have deeply personal reasons for having issues with it myself. However, if one is going to be a conspiracy theorist, like yourself, it helps to at least have your facts straight.

    Incidentally, in Gnosticism.. the Demi Urge is NOT Satan. It is malevolent to be sure, but make no mistake.. it’s the lesser form of God, and the architect of the universe.

    Perhaps you’d do well to look into the Gnostic concept of the Sophia, and turn to it for guidance, before you try to “save” us all from your fantasies.

  3. Interesting, but sloppy. Your interpretations of the ‘I believe’ statements from the Creed are relatively innaccurate. I recommend reading this 10-part essay to understand Crowley’s intent behind the words:

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