She’s Alive!! !! Nancy Lanza – Her Life Today – The Un-Dead Of Sandy Hook (Shocking Video)



In the horror story of Sandy Hook Nancy Lanza, Adam’s mother, has been somewhat of a mystery and met a rather awful end, according to the official tale. It would appear that perhaps Nancy never died. The real “Undead” of this false flag.Another part of this farce known as the Sandy Hook Massacre. The absurd photographs from INSIDE the Lanza house would be enough to show normal people that her death was faked. However, here we will provide several additional layers of proof that she obviously is still living her life today. In fact, it appears that Nancy and Peter are back together again… sans “Adam”, of course!

To fit into this false flag theory, I wrote an article about how the residents of Sandy Hook got their homes for free. They were completely paid off on Christmas!

She’s Alive!! !! Nancy Lanza – Her Life Today – The Un-Dead Of Sandy Hook (Shocking Video)

Photo above from: Pamela Jane

A careful search of the available records, fails to validate a single one of the identities or names appearing in the database of fake child victims. Instead, we see a collection of disposable identities evidently cultivated specifically for the event. These identities are portrayed by real children as models, using photographs of various suitable dates. The children / models themselves, have likely been kept more or less ignorant of their exact roles in the Sandy Hook fraud. The same defense of ignorance CANNOT be used as an excuse by the participating adults, however.

A reasonable guess as to HOW faked children’s names could be enrolled in a school, might involve the fact that the PRINCIPAL of the school was (is) RELATED to the Lanza family – including of course to Ryan Lanza, whose alter-ego “Adam” is designated as the ‘shooter’. Remember as well that Nancy Lanza’s sister is proven to have been an important figure in the CIA. How cool is that? Perhaps a little investigation of Dawn Hochsprung’s relationship with the CIA is worth doing at also.


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