Shia LaBeouf Arrested Flashes Devil’s Horns! Illuminati?


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Shia LaBeouf Arrested For the duration of Trump Effectiveness Art Piece performance-artwork-piece_us_5889cc48e4b0024605fdda46


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  1. Just watched the video of his arrest. This was clearly a psy-op. Those people were all actors. I now wish I had not watched it. I haven't had a TV for years, and this is why. I would have never known it happened, and it would have made no difference in my life. That is the point. We are letting them control us by consent.

  2. Rob H says:

    Shia laboof is one weird little dude

  3. Donald Brown says:

    They belong to a religious cult and their camera is their wailing wall.

  4. I Kat Goat says:

    how did he "flash devil horns" with his hands if he was cuffed?

  5. "Personhood" is a legal definition relating to the "Strawman" and should NEVER be a desired title to categorize yourself under. May as well just openly refer to yourself as a slave.. "These are just a few thoughts" UGH!

  6. Ell Sev says:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this …I saw complex post a video about this and they used this picture as their thumbnail I thought I was trippin smh sux how most of all heros we look up too keep us in the dark so carelessly

  7. These people are going Jim Jones 2.0.

  8. stevel3030 says:

    Shillia Leboo is a sell out Hollywood whore you don't speak for hard working Americans GFYS.

  9. occ upied says:

    How did Shia flip the hand sign when he was cuffed

  10. Jane Strange says:

    Grim LOL, " Everythings going to fail…….,there's no solution we r all spiraling downward into the abyss" LOL,
    perhaps if the entire planet had a spontaneous get ur head out ur ass moment, 25 years ago there may have been a glimmer of hope…
    But at this point I couldnt agree more.
     Fasten ur seatbelts folks, as this rides abt to get real bumpy !!! Enjoy the show….
    LOVE Your Mind Paul!! Thx for the hard work, and please, tell your family I said thank you for sharing their Pops w/Us…
    we need ur wit and witticisms about now!!!

  11. i feel sorry for shia…he is clearly under mk ultra

  12. Does anyone remember that scooby doo movie with Freddie prinze where they go to mind control island? This is exactly that ?

  13. Barney Fife says:

    They are talking about making it illegal to protest without a permit. Those who protest without a permit will either be fined or imprisoned or both. So, when we find that they are going to shut down our country, we will want to protest, but won't be able to get a permit. Do you see what is happening here? Do you see why we are seeing these violent protests?

  14. i stand with trump

  15. Hoping the police that supported Trump beat his ass in jail.

  16. whosmav628 says:

    Shia's brain is MK Ultra mush.

  17. 4chan was actively trolling this and someone was posting daily updates on youtube of that day's best trolling. It would have been somewhat funny if it wasn't reality..

  18. Yahshuah HaMashiah safe him

  19. Truth Reigns says:

    Its wacky and satanic just like shia.

  20. Apparently Shia hasn't considered how he's gonna earn a living once he's alienated all of his fans and they no longer pay to see his movies, etc. I guess he has a sugar daddy/mom (?).

  21. Amy Newton says:

    I didn't get a chance to see the video yesterday… are you able to repost?

  22. I noticed the 6 symbol, thought it creepy as well! Also "he" in the he will not divide us could mean any he, not necessarily Trump, though we are lead to think this. Love how you giggle through this post. I took your suggestion and watched the chanting for 5 min last night, in between the phrase, they chanted "free Shia"! I had to giggle myself!

  23. kellter70 says:

    it's a cult. this is a mind control psy-ops.

  24. Tom Santo says:

    Oh you Americans..cccc

  25. Katy Flores says:

    Shia Lebarf…..

  26. Dog Serious says:

    Well done to the Police for arresting the satanists and dividing them.

  27. CIA Imports says:

    Hitler did nothing wrong is a true story!

  28. Many of us called this arrest a mile away… Shia is nuts.. I thought we were gonna get lucky and see him get a beating too. ha ha

  29. He's under Project Monarch style control. I'm not asking anyone to believe that. It's established.

  30. he is of his father, the devil

  31. its very wicked…its like they are all zombies.

  32. cbasallie says:

    Truth. No DIVision = No inDIVidual

  33. Lisa Love says:

    They are inciting rioting right now. They want a civil war.

  34. FireKindled says:

    wow Trump is appointed & was chosen~ God heard our Crys and we now have Him in the highest office in The land! God Bless American and Our Leaders I don't know if Trump knows but I was told~ appointed for this Time and Season and the forces of darkness are shaking as the blessing of God's people comes and I was told that the rain is a sign in the west that our Lord has his hand on us and The blessing has arrived and when the wind of heaven blows and the rain comes and the Land is healed in California to Let Gods people Know The spirit is being poured out and to receive the Blessings as the forces of the wicked are falling~ Be Bold and Stand Firm

  35. Again, he ruined Indiana Jones. He's worse than aliens and the fridge and all that. He should be in prison for that alone.

  36. Robert Pike says:

    Ridiculous. This guy, Le boof, dresses like a day laborer. I'm not so sure if people are really this stupid or just actors. Hope it's the latter.

  37. SoulVoice says:

    Fake Drama…He will be released…Pure Hegelian Dialectic Demonic Agenda…

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