Shocking Returns – WWE Top 10


With the returns of AJ Lee, The Miz and Chris Jericho; WWE Top 10 takes another look back at some of the most shocking returns in WWE.


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  1. SR555666 says:

    you got the top 3 the wrong way round the rock should be number 3 then john cena number 2 and number 1 should be brock lesnar

  2. Aman kumar says:

    No.1 and 2 are occupied by two of Vince's biggest ass kissers.

  3. no austin return…. shocking

  4. AdaSpearing says:

    what was the flying scarf at 9. ?

  5. at 1:57 the girl is getting a squirt!

  6. Megat Haziq says:

    no edge return?? no cm punk return?? ok…….. :/

  7. Le daré dislike a cada video en que Jonh cena sufra hijos de puta

  8. i love you ric flir

  9. Kum Hee Song says:

    I think no.1 is
    the undertaker

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