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Is The Tree Serving to Or Harming Me?

A single of the most frequent concerns we get in our exercise is “What really should I do about my tree?

Trees are a gorgeous, glorious and essential section of the our earth and are an integral and revered daily life pressure in the exercise of Feng Shui!

While it is real that some trees may block favourable chi or even act as poison arrows the reply is not to slice down this gorgeous reward of mother nature, there are means to assure that we work with the tree to assure the ideal results. Killing a living essential section of mother nature is not the reply.

Trees act as conduits returning oxygen to us, giving us food stuff, shade and protection we want to assure that we in switch do all the things we can to assure there survival if feasible. Some swift Tree strategies include:

1. Chopping Down Trees?

Of course from time to time it is needed to slice down trees. If for example a tree is ill, rotting and are not able to be assisted then this decaying vitality will more than most likely decrease the level of very good chi in the spot and in truth generate illness and yin vitality that may quite perfectly pass on to the people of the household. If you are not able to preserve it then slice it down

two. What about the just one in front of my doorway?

The most frequent tree dilemma in Feng Shui is when the tree is immediately in front of your doorway. This in effect may serve as a block in terms of options, prosperity or abundance. But wait around don’t slice it down! First, trim any branches to permit as considerably chi flow into about it as feasible, following dangle a wind chime in the tree to support manual the chi about the tree. If you are continue to viewed as dangle yet another wind chime immediately higher than your front doorway, and also put a mirror or other reflective ornament by your front doorway that in essence demonstrates the tree and its challenging vitality back again away from your doorway! That really should do the trick!

3. Trees for Well being & Spouse and children

Trees are a great for bringing wellbeing and perfectly becoming to you and your household. If you can plant huge strong trees in the most east course of your great deal to shield this element of your daily life. The Pine tree is a excellent tree for this spot as they assure longevity.

4. Trees for Safety

There are quite a few means that trees in fact provide protection for us. We all know they provide shade, and nourishment. But in Feng Shui terms they also provide provide a way to block out poison arrows from influencing us. If there is a little something pointing immediately at us from throughout the highway, the tree can be employed to block that vitality. The trees can also serve as a little something referred to as “mountain aid” in Feng Shui. The back again of your household really should usually have a little something that is tall and supportive – ideally taller than your household. Fences, neighbours properties, lights can all provide this aid but ideally tall trees can work as powerful protectors.

5 Tree for Prosperity and Abundance!

Just as trees can deliver wellbeing and perfectly becoming – they can also deliver abundance and prosperity. If you have an option to plant a flowering tree on your property, the SE compass course (the prosperity spot) is excellent. Trees with bouquets or fruits in orange, red, or purple are excellent! (Assume apples, oranges, and lavender of program!).


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