Sian Welch & Wendy Ingraham – The Crawl – Ironman 1997


Two elite athletes, both struggling with a combination of fatigue, muscle cramp and in the case of Welch in particular, hypoglycaemia. It’s quite clear that she’s in …


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  1. wow; your screen name is appropriate. 

  2. thegnew says:

    Its a hard thing, your body breaking before your spirit does. So frustrating to scream in your head and your body shutting down. 🙁 I'm glad these ladies did so well. Good job!

  3. i looked just like that sat night

  4. ElBrillante4 says:

    Go home, you're drunk!

  5. Matt Aslin says:

    This isn't healthy, and shouldn't be televised. 

  6. Dave James says:

    No-one else think this is hilarious?

  7. Robyn Ragone says:

    This is so hard to watch

  8. Another Day says:

    I`ve been there. All those weeks, months & years of training for an event the last thing you want to do is quit.

  9. slaats40 says:

    One word in my mind……RESPECT!!!!!

    Taking that intense pain…99,9% from the world population couldn't take that, most people give it up with 10% from this pain she takes here!

  10. Leana Jo M. says:

    It's also that the body used up ALL it's glycogen & calories stores. In the Army we called that & this Muscle Failure.

  11. c says:


  12. gweflj says:

    Here comes stalker!!! And with that she shats her pants. Comedy gold.

  13. Kerr wilson says:

    Funniest thing I've eve watched

  14. Chris Shane says:

    It is important to note that although I'm sure both athletes were suffering from the classic "bonk" resulting from zero glycogen energy stored in the muscles, what is going on here IS NOT DUE TO CALORIES.

    This is classic HYPERTHERMIA. The outside air temp, combined with the humidity has raised the bodies core temperature to a dangerously high level. The brain is running a fever and unable to send the signals to the muscles to fire properly. THIS is way they are unable to use their legs. If you ask anyone who was there, they were both immediately taken and submerged in ICE to lower their core temperature. Most know this condition as "Heat stroke" but when applied in this context it looks like such a marvelous thing.

    Still an incredibly courageous effort….but dangerous and those around them likely would have pulled the plug on either of them if the collapsing had started any sooner than 100m from the finish line.

  15. Anndddd THIS is why you shouldn't listen to the low-carb high-fat diet recommendations for endurance athletes.

  16. callmesbo says:

    This is funny.. Hahahaha.. Respect to these athletes

  17. daveyork0 says:

    Case in point why hard liquor should be completely banned

  18. mulder1979 says:

    Mad respect for these women to endure such agony for so many hours… most people here have never even gotten near the level of pain that these women haven endured there. That said, 1:42 was hilarious and worthy of a Monty Python sketch.

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