Signs Of World War III – World War 3 Is Possible – World War III Could Happen


Signs Third World War – World War 3 is possible – a third world war could happen things happen around us all times and world War III is a possibility.


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  1. isaac gans says:

    Good vid, but I think a voice over would help.

  2. It seems to me that World War 3 is right around the corner. I would be very surprised if WW3 didn't start before the end of 2015.

    It seems to me that it will be a war between the US and Israel on one side and China, Russia and Iran on the other. And while this war is going on, Europe will likely be too busy to interfere, due to being forced into a guerilla-like war with the thousands of "ISIS" warriors that are currently flooding into the EU.

    The end result will likely be the mutual destruction of the US, China, Russia and Iran, while "multiculturalist" Europe will be turned into a classic Orwellian dictatorship, supposedly "for our own good", to "protect us all from terrorism". Yadayadayada.

    Everything has been leading up to this scenario for years now, carefully planned by the banking oligarchs. I could be wrong, but IMO it'll take but a few months max before someone makes a first move to trigger the avalanche of treaties that will set an apocalyptic war machine in motion.

  3. Sly88Frye says:

    Well with the US signing that deal with Iran, I think we need not worry about them. Besides, there are more chances that WW3 wouldn't happen than would happen.

  4. Joel Andre says:

    Big bullshit, only USA is responsible of all mess on the planet

  5. MyNamesJeff says:

    You are all blind. Sorry i just had to straight up say it.

    China would never go to war with america

    B-b-but thinks tehy sre cumunists!!!!! You say

    Ever heard of all the TRADE thats going on. In ww1/2 there was no trade between anyone. Everyone was on their on completely. No one wanted to rely and work together. It wouldn't really matter besides losing troops really. But now you would lose A LOOOOT more with all the trading going on. China would lose their oil supply almost, USA would lose a lot of their stuff, and much more. No one would want to go to war because everyone has way to much to lose if they don't. Do you get what im saying?

  6. Swalie96 says:

    A war only becomes a world war when the US is involved??? Ahah what a joke statement

  7. Don Mathew says:

    I think this is an American chanel

  8. USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

  9. The WW3 will start or is already started in the middle east……

  10. he did not mention anything about India.

  11. at 1:00 – i just figured it out, Ukraine gets broken into 3 parts theres the East, West and Russian federation (Crimea). Just as Sudan was broken up in 2011 now Ukraine has begun the next country to break up. also two countries in the middle east cointinue to try build bigger countries in land area they are Kurdistan and Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Kurdistan needs to get parts in Syria, and turkey where as ISIS trys to unite Iraq and syria under there control, the Iraq government is barely being able to stay alive in the conflict. if the iraq government survives 40 years from now after things get rebuilt the iraq's might be like the philipinos and the japanese and have cities in iraq that look nearly idential to american and canadien cities with all there developments.

  12. God warns us about Muslims nation that will try to dominate Israel, God will fight Muslims world, Egypt, Lebanon, Irak… He will stand at The Mount of Olives, and that day they better flee. Than Jews will recognized the one they pierced (Jesus Christ) watch my video: Top Reason Why Islam Will Fail … all verses are there for you too look at, very interesting.

  13. Chang Liu says:

    I am lazy to see the subtitles.  can anyone speak

  14. I love peaceful. let warlike elements shut up!

  15. Don't worry, there ain't gonna be no Third World War. End of.

  16. LyssaFace says:

    Well my brain feel's damaged after reading some of these anti american bullshit posts.
    America is just the sanctuary for the people that wanted a new life in a new land. Still is, Just happens to wanna get in the middle of every situation. Which is pretty much the only downfall for this beautiful country. We are the worlds peacekeepers >.<
    Or prison guards. Whichever works.
    And America can be self sustaining if we legalize pot and bring all the jobs back to our shores instead of letting the big corps. move to cheaper slave like labor camps across the sea. Eh, Maybe the earth does need a good cleansing tho. ;)

  17. Nice music! Dramatic!

  18. id probs sleep if their was a war, go to the outback of to a place where no one knows. go fishing and have a fun survivial lesson until it ends xD :,)

  19. Shivam8c says:

    not is but barrak Obama is anti nuclear car and.plane not prepared but he can be safe

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