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  1. Our reality is everything is made up of matter which in turn is made up
    of atoms and in turn made of subatomic partlicles, with this in mind
    your typical atom reguardless of atomic radius is less than 99% empty or
    space. This also means that a solid object like a rock, if you take
    into account the space between every neighbouring atoms and the internal
    space of every atom in that object you end up with a object that is 99%
    empty or 1% true matter and what you see/perceive as a rock is some sort of quantum rendering of the atoms internal forces and fields

  2. best of all the stuff i have seen in 10 years, well done creator

  3. ASK JDOG says:

    The photon interference patter is a case of Observational Causality. However, we are very possibly in a simulation.

  4. Steve Bez says:

    SIM ,pre post enigma cycles of repeat Ed time clock call phone act one done wall key talk key but we all made it didn't we gone go nag black white read it back BACH sid red fa tea soe lo owe no…

  5. T1Nonly says:

    We May Actually Be In The Matrix ……… yeah, you may actually be a moron too, changing and twisting facts because you want to escape reality doesnt make it true

  6. … basically scientists come up with shit theories no diff from religions. great. how about we get back to reality "matrix", and learn how we can extend life, instead.

  7. even if we woke up and realized we live in a simulation, lets go with that for a moment. The world we wake up in couldnt' it be a simulation also? when would that idea end? this is very stupid. How the hell did i get here..

  8. HEh how twisted, a simulation running a simulation [a human playing a sims game] then you get that sim to play a sim….and you have simception ^_^

  9. EL_CASTRO says:

    the audio has a problem in the video

  10. C-Mash says:

    This is Mark Seargant's voice and his style of presentation. Very interesting.

  11. Sensei Flyer says:

    Pity the audio is bad.

  12. Ohhhh wait. Does this mean the girls pussy I was feeling last night is only holographic? Then my hand is holographic? And the orgasm was holographic? Hey … I feel cheated. On the other hand, death of the temporary holographic container is also simulated. So, we are the gods enjoying our Ultra-SIMS game.
    And now you understand why the past, present, and future game is the same moment. We can enjoy our Ultra-SIMS games over and over again, with unlimited alterations and outcomes. Until mom god calls us for dinner.

  13. Dustin Houk says:

    well every thing is a program of many one's and zeroes. the programmer is in control every thing or any information can be changed by who is in control

  14. lol people believe this garbage?

  15. I do not think that this is a simulation . Rather, we have to reconsider the scope of the "material ." Maybe it's our computers were too successful simulation of the workings of the universe and not vice versa . But
    more all I'm interested with how big objects you can hold this exeperimental .

  16. JIMJAMSC says:

    I keep seeing the same Matrix clips over and over… The same double slit experiment over and over. 1/2 the vids are direct rip offs and the other 1/2 are clips rearranged from others vids.

  17. MrKaintar says:

    What's with the audio…

  18. Maybe water and light behave in a similar fashion because they are created by the same vibrational energy. For instance light is made of vibration, water is made of vibration. Each can behave as a particle and a wave rather than either or? The question derived in the double slit experiment is faulty in my opinion. The correct question might be be how is light different from water, rocks,  and every other object in nature? Is it just frequency or something else at play. The thing I love about this video is that in the theory of god= master artist= quantum physicist= mathematician= computer scientist. As an artist, I love this concept of course, and hope it will one day be proven that our true creator is a genius master artist!

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