Sky News Report Lies As Fact… Want World War 3?


Slip_P_H I just couldn’t help myself from replying to this article from SKy News, It just made me really cross. I also throw political correctness out the window!


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  1. good ole Sly News

  2. davetogo123 says:

    I'm very concerned about your blatant non gender neutral speech slips please refrain or I might become offended lol ?

  3. Alert64 says:

    The scales have fallen from our eyes. Now we can see how corrupt the media and elites are.

  4. davetogo123 says:

    What good fortune for the MSM that most people are brain dead retards that sit in front of the TV and get spoon fed what to believe.

  5. rabcam1 says:

    trump and putin will change the world,for the good,,i hope his first move will be to take the troops off of russias border,, that would be a great start,,i dont want the planet to be smashed to fuck,,2 satan missiles and the uk is fried,,

  6. I am more bothered that the state-violence-backed extortionists at the BBC are running this. Sky have to at least earn their money.

  7. S Cook says:

    Exactly Slippy man. Remember Brexit? Remember the Governor of the bank of England? Well he injected £400billion into our economy. Our GDP is £1.6 trillion. So he injected 1/4 of our GDP in one day. Oh but the next day. The media reported that Brexit had devalued the £. Nah he did the day before. Then OPEC and other oil producers agreed to cut production. The next day Brexit was pushing up the price of OIL but I thought we were told that OIL would run out 10 years ago and now we find the earth a wash with dinosaurs piss and fuck the free market and no interference as they artificialy put up the price of EVERTHING through the Petrodollar but they'll blame Brexit cause they are filthy lying treacherous CUNTS!!!!

  8. YourBrother says:

    fucking crpto jews, the lot of them

  9. bogen broom says:

    Good stuff SP …….by the way SP have you comes across the 'Barry Soetoro 'channel he's good on all this nonsense from the Graveyard Media .

  10. orangeedo says:

    The scarey thing is, even with China's help, Russia could not win a war against the USA. Nukes are their ONLY option.

  11. How come everyone is hand wringing over Trump "cosying up" with Russia but no one says a damn thing about Cameron and May kissing the boot of Saudi Arabia? Anyone who believes MSM afetr Brexit/Cameron/Trump/ Israel etc etc needs a check up from the neck up.

  12. Hop Lonski says:

    "If you tell a big enough lie for long enough, the people will believe it".
    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Holocaust™.

  13. aikikb says:

    ?bint! Love it! I have this debate with a few people I know. They swallow up the media narrative and even say themselves how could he want to be friends with Russia? I, like you find it staggering! 

  14. I watched John McCain live yesterday and fuck me he spoke so many lies in one sentence it wasn't even funny.

  15. Sayont says:

    So glad I'm not alone in seeing the hypocrisy. well done SPH

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